Monday, May 19, 2008

I've been tagged

Jen at Semicharmedwife tagged me to participate in this meme. I had to think about a few of these for a minute, but I still had fun - so here goes...

Four Jobs I’ve Had:
1. Retail Store Manager (in the mall)
2. LifeGuard
3. IT Manager
4. Defense Contractor

What are four ways you know you are living your life’s purpose?
1. I'm growing and expanding my mind on a regular basis.
2. I'm happy with the direction I am headed
3. I'm look at myself thru the eyes of my children and try to be the best role model I can be
4. I have started attaining goals I set for myself years ago

What are four things you do to take really good care of yourself?
1. I exercise/run regularly (plan a marathon)
2. I find ways to relax (too much stress is VERY bad!)
3. I use sunscreen...very important to aging gracefully! ;)
4. I learn something new everyday

What are the four events that have most formed how you live your life today?
1. Being adopted. This has influenced my life and my decisions many times over.
2. Becoming a parent and taking on the responsibility of a child alone. Nothing bring you back to reality faster than someone who is soley dependant on you.
3. Joining the navy. It provided the structure I crave with the opportunity that I was looking for. It allowed me to become 'myself' without any predetermined ideas/perceptions of who I was supposed to be.
4. Falling in love - it has made me want to be better than I ever am.

What are four things you do to keep your motivation up to work out and eat healthy every day?
1. Post notes/goals/plans in plain sight. (Calendar at work & home, refrigerator, bathroom mirror etc.)
2. Commit myself to activities where someone is counting on me such as running with a group or racing.
3. Provide myself a 'reward' for attaining a premeasured goal (take 4 minutes off my time and I can buy a new running outfit)
4. Carry a mental image of my daughter when she is so excited to say her mom"races' and she is waiting for the day I come home with a medal.

Name four people who have been the most influential in motivating you to change your eating and exercise habits:
1. My Hub. He keeps me on track
2. My blog buddies...they keep me on track/motivated and hold me accountable for what's in print
3. Kristin Armstrong
4. Madison

What are your four top reasons for staying off refined sugar and white flour?
1. I had to take insulin shots while pregnant and I don't want to increase the chance of having to do that again in the future (diabetes runs in the family)
2. Don't like the way they make me feel
3. They keep me from reaching my weight goals
4. I want to teach my children healthy habits.

List four ways that blogging has helped you attain or maintain your goals
1. Allows for an outlet to address issues rather than 'eat' my way thru them
2. Holds me accountable for what's in black and white
3. Provides other like minded individuals who face similar situations and provides comfort in knowing I'm not alone
4. Reading about what other people have attained is a great motivator for what I can accomplish

You’ve been tagged!
1. BuddhaBelle
2. SingleJenn
3. Twenty Six Point Two
4. Shelia

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Jenn said...

Done. ;-)

Semi-Charmed Wife said...

I loved your answer--I didn't realize how much we had in common! You're a defense contractor? And you were in the Navy? Me too!!!

Oh, and I sent you an email--you're my cheerleader!

JoLynn Braley said...

Hi Kel,

I really enjoyed reading your answers, I can see why you and Jen are friends since you're both runners! :) That's awesome, training for a marathon. I haven't done that, maybe I will though. :)

(and thanks for the link!)