Tuesday, January 1, 2008

About Me

Once upon a time, in a land filled with Vodka and late nights a young girl sipped Martini's and dreamed of never growing old. This girl met a guy, who turned out to not be Mr. Right, but Mr. Right Now and changed her life forever. {Enter DramaQueen}

DramaQueen was the light of this young girls life and while the change was unexpected, DQ turned this girls life around and gave her something more than martini's and midnight parties to look forward to. Eventually after a few Mr. Wrongs, Mr. Right wondered into her life and became a father figure to DQ sealing the deal with a ring and a kiss on a warm summer afternoon. {Enter The Hub}

The Hub was not a Prince sent to rescue this girl from her life, but instead he walked along side her and pushed her to find her passion and persue what delighted her. Together they spent their days working and raising their children, DQ and Jr, when one day they decided to add one more to their brood. {Enter Little Miss}

Little Miss is the youngest of the children and is by far the best of both parents. Little Miss can often be found asserting her independance chasing the older two, jabbering away in true Mommy form as well as expanding her technical skill in the footsteps of her father.

After a long and interesting journey filled with more martini's, midnight parties replaced by mommy nights, much laughter and hair pulling incited by the hub's antics...the girl from long ago has turned into the woman of today. She has learned there will be brief moments of clarity followed by moments of utter confusion, life is not always fair, parenting is the most difficult job she has ever faced, learning is an ongoing process both in and out of the classroom and while laughter is the best medicine - there is absolutely nothing a good martini can't fix!

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