Friday, October 31, 2008

Fractional Friday

Happy Halloween!!

1. School - Finally finished up my research paper for one of my classes...YIPPY. One down only 99 more to go. :)

2. Weekend - TGIF! Need I say more??

3. Halloween - the big day has finally arrived, DQ will be trick or treating the night we've only got a few weeks until Thanksgiving. Seriously - this has got to be the busiest time of the year.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Impressions...

...Are not always 'spot on.'

I have been going to the gym since the temperatures have dropped some and my beloved daylight slips off much too early in the evening. I thought some indoor running might compensate for this lack of energy to really go 'out' to run and here lately I've been taking DQ with me.

There are classes for the kids and the other night, after I finished my run - I stopped in to get DQ from the tumbling class she choose to attend. While in there I noticed a little girl, 7ish who was not so little. She was actually a rather 'large' little girl who was trying to do cartwheels and flips and stuff the other girls were doing. She, however, was having trouble getting her legs high enough in the air to go all the way over.

I sat and watched this little girl try many times to do this and I was inspired by her will - personally, I would have stopped after a few rounds ending on the floor, but she did not. As I watched, I could only feel pity for this girl - obviously we live in a time where a lot of children are not healthy, but times have not changed that much since I was a little girl and kids are hurtful.

I sat there and watched and waited as the kids finished their class and at the end of the class a woman, very much resembling this girl, walked in and waited. I noticed this woman, I could not miss the resemblance between her and her daughter - she was not there to work out (she was in blue jeans), with her overall disheveled appearance. I smiled as I past this woman on my way out all the while wondering why she was at the gym and why she was not setting a better example for healthy living for her child.

In the days that followed, I noticed this woman more often. It turns out she works at the gym in the child care center any one day she stopped me and asked if DQ could sit with her girls and have some snacks. This woman, who did not know me from anyone else, went out of her way to be nice to my daughter, the only other little girl waiting for the class to begin.

I know it's not much, it's really more like nothing, but something inside of me is ashamed. Not for the way I treated this woman, but for the way I originally 'thought' about this woman, based solely on what she looked like. I don't think of myself as someone who judges based on appearances, I try very hard to look past them because I know very well how deceiving they can be and yet on this occasion - while I didn't treat her any differently I looked at her differently. I saw her as someone who was hurting her child by not taking steps to teach her a healthy life.

I don't know this woman, I don't know her story, I don't know what she does or does not teach her child, but in that moment I passed judgement from one mother to another. Motherhood is hard enough with out judgement from is hard enough without judgement from strangers.

Classy Chaos recently posted about appearances - it struck a chord with me because I've worked a long time to not be that person who sees 'hired help' or someone of a different social class and dismisses them based on that alone. I go out of my way to speak, smile, acknowledge people and perhaps I had gotten complacent in my efforts. Perhaps that is what makes this so much more personal for me - I thought I was beyond this behavior and yet I see that just because my words are not thoughts still affect my actions.

I still do not know this woman's story, I do not know what she does or does not teach her child, but I know that she tries, she provides her child with an option to be active and the tools to learn a healthier lifestyle. In her own way, this woman taught me a lesson, one I still need to work on.

Have you ever had a first impression turn out to be wrong?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Party Review

If you've stopped by anytime in the last month, chances are that I've mentioned the Halloween Party we were getting ready for - Yes, I stressed and obsessed over it for longer than I probably should have, but in the end - it was a BLAST!!!

I will admit, the days leading directly up to it were busy...busy...busy and there was little room for rest, but with the hubby's help (he was my sanity when I was running short) we managed to pull it all together and everyone left with smiling faces.

We had an appearance from Elvis (or perhaps better put-dead Elvis), a Jailbird and her bananna, a few skeletons and vampires, Cats galore and even some super famous crime fighters to name a few. We had games and prizes for the kido's (I'm pretty sure their favorite was pumpkin bowling) and we even got the Adults to play some games as well. Oddly enough, I think the adults enjoyed the games as much as the kids.

I think my biggest fear heading into all of this was 'what to feed them?' There are SO many awesome recipies out there - ideas to make ordinary treats with a little extra special halloween flare - that I had a hard time narrowing it down, but it seems all were happy with the variety of snacks and desserts. Conversations flowed easily around the firepit, dancing was a must in the house, kids playing tag with sounds of laughter filling every corner of the was all very much worth the stress I went thru getting there.

At the end of the night, everyone headed home and we all slept like babies. One thing is for sure - I would do this again...Actually, I WILL do this again next year. There is just something amazing about watching people come out, chat amongst different social circles and just enjoy the evening. Halloween - its not just for the kids anymore!!

What's your best Halloween Memory??

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Madness - Morning Person

It's O'dark thirty on a Monday morning. There is an unusual chill in the air and you are trying to recover from a weekend of commendable party-festivities. You must find sustanance to wake you from this stupor and what to your amazed sleep-laden eyes do you see, but the Green and White Starbucks sign, beconing you from the distance.

The car is on auto pilot as you enter the drive, round the building and head for the drive thru when all of the sudden - without warning or even a moment to glance at the menu (I know, I'm probably the only one who looks at the menu there) out of this little box sounds the most chipper voice imaginable.
Welcome to Starbuck where Amy, Julie and Dan are here to delight your tastebuds with the freshest coffee available. Would you like to try one of our Pumpkin Spice latte's or perhaps a yummy Pumpkin cheesecake muffin?

I'm half awake and here you are blasting my eardrums with with more perkiness than a blonde, high school cheerleader after being crowned Homecoming Queen!

All I can do at this point is laugh - laugh thru my order and laugh at her as I drive away with my shot of 'pick me up.' I am a morning person people, but seriously....I am not THAT happy at O'dark thirty in the morning!!!

What is the one thing that grates on your nerves 1st thing in the morning?

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I'm so sorry I was MIA yesterday - I am just overwhelmed and exhausted.

I am in the midst of finishing up around the house for our upcoming Halloween party this weekend and it has me a bit frazzled. I think I've just finally reached a point where my brain and my heart are so full that I am not sure what to do.

There is too much not fully sorted out to try and explain here, but in my world there is a battle of logic vs. emotion and I am desperately wanting a vacation from it all. I am still peeking in on your blogs, but promise to be back with pictures and stories from the Halloween party.

In the mean time, I thought I would share with you a piece of information I just learned - curtisy of DQ.

DQ - Mom, Dylan called me a "ask-hole" today at school.
Me - Hum..really?
DQ - Yes, but that is ok, I didn't mind.
Me - I see. That is not a nice thing to call someone.
DQ - It's not bad.
Me - It's not bad? Why is that.
DQ - An 'ask-hole' is someone who asks a lot of questions, that's all. Don't you know anything??
Me - Um..I can't say I knew that, but thank you for sharing!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008



Hold three balls.

Toss one up, and then another and then the last.

Catch. Toss. Repeat.

Do not drop.

Sounds simple huh? Yes, it sounds simple to me, but juggle I cannot. My life, however, is a very much a juggling act - one of which I am ready to stop. Put the items down and walk on. Problem comes in the form of I do not know how to stop without disrupting the flow and having it all come crashing down around me.

Round and round it all goes, when it will one knows.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Madness - Party like a Rockstar

The problem with 'Partying like a Rockstar' is that I am no rockstar and my partying usually consists of cartoons and sweets.

1. One, Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila ... no more! Yes, that's right, Somehow the hub managed to order (let me order) shot after shot, at the time, it seemed like a good idea - however when the sun came up the next morning ... not so much

2. Rockstar - I was intent on taking the rockstar to a whole new level, so when the bar we decided on going to had a live band AND they offered to let me on stage with them, I graciously accepted. However, intoxicated and rhythm impaired aren't perhaps the best combinations when on center stage.

3. Age, it's just a number. HA HA HA Despite my best attempts at believing this, age is so much more than just a number. No longer am I able to party all night (ok, so it was midnight) and then recoup by the next morning, ready to go again by the time the sun goes down. Nope, I needed the whole day, the night and thank goodness I still had one day left in the weekend.

4. Nothing in this life is free, for a brief moment I lived like the rockstar that I am (in my own mind) thinking the world was one 'happy shiny' place, but everything that goes up must come back down again. Or in my case... what goes down must come back up. Oh yes, dear my haste to be the rockstar that I so clearly am not - I bowed down to the porcelain goddess and begged for forgiveness.

All in all, I had the most fun I've had in a LONG time. My sweet, sweet hubby was kind enough to take me, get me intoxicated, VIDEO it as evidence and then put me to bed with a Tylenol and a cold wash cloth - isn't he the greatest??!!

Hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend!

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Start

October 16, REO Speedwagon was playing a concert a few hours away from the tiny town called Hell. That same day, a young girl sat under a tree, with a baby in her belly, furious she was not allowed to attend the concert she so desperately wanted to see for HER birthday. The young, soon-to-be first time mother was not happy, she turned to a bottle of alcohol and some prescription drugs to numb her pain, not realizing what was happening.

The morning came and with it so did her regularly scheduled doctors appointment. The girl, who was only a child, was intent on celebrating that day, her day...the day she had celebrated so many years before, as it was the day she was born, met the doctor eagerly wanting only to be done and to arrive at her own party.

She was told there would be no party, she was having a baby today and she would not be leaving. Disbelief filled the girls head as the dr explained she had been in labor for some time, but the previous cocktail of 'mood enhancers' had slowed the process. Soon the hospital was abuzz with the girls friends all excited and waiting to meet the newest addition to the group. Finally, just before the day was thru, a tiny bundle of pink met the world and the celebration began as both mother and daughter were joined on the same day.

There was much love that day and many days since then. I've been blessed by a very full life in such a short existance. Never fully grateful for the beginning I was given, but as I look into the faces of my own children - I know how much was given of that young girl that day and despite all that happened after that point, I'm here because of her.

So today is my day, but I also share my humble start with the woman who gave me life -
Happy Birthday!

Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, your body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming,
"Woo hoo! What a ride!"

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Alone at Last??

One of the first things I learned when I became a mother is that I was never alone. For 6 years now, I have not been 'alone' - but there are those rare, stolen moments when I get a few seconds to pretend I am alone (and perhaps pee with the bathroom door closed.)

The other day was no exception. DQ has been clinging very near my side for a few days now, Little Miss has had enough of her Daddy and decided to come drool on Mama for a while. If I went to the kitchen - they would follow, if I went to the bedroom - they would follow, if I sat down on the couch - they would find their way into my lap.

At one point, I managed to get Little Miss into her bed so I could jump in the shower. DQ had been engrossed in a computer game with her head phones on and I decided to sneak off. I had just gotten in the shower when DQ knocks on the door - Inquiring Minds want to know.....
I convince her I will be out momentarily and eventually she finds her way out.

To my surprise, when I exit the bathroom I find DQ, curled up snugly under the covers reading 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' which has been resting on my nightstand. I stood there briefly, my jaw on the floor at the scene before me, I finally realized I was not dreaming and asked"What are you doing?" to which she lowered the book enough to see me and said with a straight face "I'm reading a book." and then returned to reading.

Seriously?! Flash forward a few years and I have no doubt this is a scene I will be living. So while my day started this way and continued on this way eventually the children have to sleep right? I held out hope and FINALLY later that night, I kiss the girls good night and make my way to find the hub for a little tivo catch up before bed -

Me - Are you coming out of the office to watch "Fringe"
Hub - Yes, in a minute. I have 3 minutes left of this game and then I'll be there (Yes the hub is a gamer)
Me - Um hum...sure you are.
Hub - Yes, 2 minutes 48 seconds to go.

So with this new insight, I head off to console Little Miss who is whimpering in her crib and then realize I can have one peaceful moment to pee ALONE. I make a bee line for the bedroom, round the corner almost there, close the door and let out a sigh of relief when what to my wondering ears do I hear....

But the hub knock, knock, knocking on the door saying Are you coming to watch the show or what???

Seriously, what does a girl gotta do to get 1 minute alone in the bathroom?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Last year, I started something new to do during the fall - Pumpkin Picking.

I grew up in Hell (very far south) and to be quite honest, Hell is a bit hot for pumpkins and fall is not really a season there. Typically our Summers were scorchers and the the leaves and grass were dead and gone long before fall came so there was never any changing of the seasons for us. The land was never used for pumpkins because we were big producers of grain and cotton, pumpkins on the other hand were bought at the store.

When the hub and I moved up here I discovered all kinds of places to 'pick your own' and thought this was a brilliant idea. Last year I took DQ and she had a blast making a scarecrow and picking pumpkins. Little miss wasn't born yet, but she was there in spirit. Since we had so much fun I couldn't wait to take the girls this year - and it didn't disappoint.

There were pumpkins plenty and we each got to choose our own. DQ couldn't wait to get there and pick the biggest one, Little Miss, on the other hand was pretty happy just playing in the pumpkins.

We took a hayride, picked 'just the right ones' and took lots of pictures. All in all, it was a great memory made AND the mess fun of carving them has yet to begin. Can't wait!

From our family to yours - Happy Fall!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Everything One Dollar

Everywhere we look today, there are signs we are in a economic recession. Times are tough and money is tight - some of us feel it more than others, but regardless of our own financial situation, we are all very aware of what is going on around.

For many years now I have been taking our outgrown clothing to good will. Since we are now living in our new house (and not apartment) I decided to try something new...a yard sale. I began by digging out all of our old boxes of stuff ranging from infant clothes to size six in girls clothes and then I rummaged thru my closet for stuff. To say the least we had a ton of clothes that spanned all the seasons.

Personally, I am not a yard sale shopper. I don't think there is anything wrong with them, but growing up, I seem to remember that was the only place my mother ever took me to shop and so I grew to detest them. Much time has passed since those days and I don't detest them anymore, but I still don't feel the need to stop very often.

Taking into account my views of yard sales and the economic times we live in, I think selling it all for $1 is a pretty reasonable deal. There were name brand clothing, stuff with tags on it never having been worn, clothing sets, jackets ... all for only 1 dollar. I was convinced it was going to go and I was going to be rid of these boxes I have been piling up.

So we set out on our quest - DQ and I set up tables, signs and begin to unpack box after box. People stop by and leave, some purchase stuff and some do not. DQ is diligently keeping track of how many people stop by and how many don't purchase anything and then proceeding to let me know how to fix this problem. In the course of a few hours we had a woman stop by:

Lady - What a precious dress
Me - Thank you, all the clothes are $1
Lady - Is this new?
Me - Yes, see the tag is still on it
Lady - I buy the clothes for my nieces, but can't afford to spend alot of money.
Me - Ah, yes, I understand what you mean.
Lady - This dress was $50?
Me - Yes, but my girls out grew it before we wore it, so now it's just $1.
Lady - Just precious, I just can't afford stuff like this.
(puts it down and walks away)

Perhaps I didn't understand. I think a $50 dress, brand new with tags selling for $1 is an awesome deal, but one bought it. Shortly after that incident I decided I had spent enough hours 'yard selling' and decided to pack it up. All in all, we made a little money, but the stuff I was certain would sell did not, sweaters, jeans, jackets and brand new with tags did not sell so well, but stuff with shorts and toys did. Go figure - who would've thought that summer stuff would sell after the season was over?!

Do you yard sell?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Madness - Columbus Day

Today is Columbus Day and I am enjoying my 3 day weekend, but I can't help but wonder how it is that I am so fortunate to HAVE today as a government holiday - or any of the other random holidays.

1. October 12, 1492 - That was the day Columbus 'discovered' america. If he had not done this perhaps, we would all not be here, BUT - technically we weren't the first ones here, didn't we overrun the Indians who were here...hence why do we celebrate it?

2. Discovery - Despite the fact there were Indians here at our is debated as to who actually 1st discovered america. We know other people set foot here first, but Columbus was the first to widely distribute information about it. Either way doesn't that make it a 'rediscovery?'

3. Time Off - The government recognizes today as a holiday, but most places do not, because it is not a 'big deal' - so ... if it is really a give or take kind of holiday, why do we still have it?

Hope you all have a Great Monday!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fractional Friday

It's a 3 Day weekend so it's like a TGIF - Bonus!!

1. Columbus Day - I know, it's one of those cheesy holidays where some people get the day off and some do not, but for me - it's going to be a NON-Monday!! Yippy!

2. Parent-Teacher conferences - It was that time of the year again and I had to meet DQ's teacher. Very nice lady, nice things to say about it sad that I thought it would be interesting to grab a beer on the way to the conference and show up with it in a paper bag, just to see what her reaction would be? (Guess, my redneck roots are showing) :)

3. Lottery - I WON! (Ok, not that kind of lottery) but I'm convinced I won the 'random call in the middle of the night' lottery. Why would I think this, you ask? Well lucky for me Not once, not twice but 3 times this week I've gotten calls on my phone at odd hours of the night (only to wake me from my brief/uninterrupted slumber.) There was a call at 3:21am one night (I do not answers numbers I do not know, if it is important they will leave a message and I will call them back.) There was one at 3:25am another night - another random number with no message AND the keeper was a picture mail at 4:45 am (see below)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Battle of the Spanx

What woman does not want to look her best?

Certainly I am no exception, but looking great is not always an easy task. Looking great requires time and energy, sometimes it requires a little creativity and inginuity and for me, it requires quite a bit of effort and up keep. Hence, this post.

  • 3:00pm - Decide to get ready for evening out.
  • 3:10 - shoo baby away from toilet paper roll, Place dress in a handy but unreachable (by grubby baby hands) place, set shoes next to dress.
  • 3:15 - find spanx so that slimming dress will look even better!
  • 3:25 - Stare at spanx and wonder how to get big thighs in without using large crane like machine.
  • 3:26 - begin process of squeezing oversized body into undersized undergarments, suck in and hold breath while jumping furiously up and down.
  • 3:30 - gasp for air as I have finally gotten in and did not pass out in process
  • 3:32 - Admire slimming figure in mirror - attempt to figure out how to breath while encased in spandex
  • 3:40 - Track down missing baby, remove toy from mouth that was found in sisters bedroom and return to bathroom with said child, DO NOT STEP on toys placed strategically on floor to occupy child.
  • 3:50 - Begin curling hair
  • 3:51 - realize that I have to pee
  • 3:52 - set curling iron down and begin process to remove slimming wrap
  • 3:55 - pee
  • 3:56 - keep baby from unrolling all the toilet paper
  • 3:57 - begin process of putting spanx back on
  • 4:00 pm- jumping complete, breathing again, begin curling hair
  • 4:10 do not let said baby grab the cord that has dropped within reach while curling hair above ear - must apply ointment for burn
  • 4:15 - stop child from unrolling toilet paper, resume hair curling
  • 4:16 - realize I am finding it difficult to breath, chalk it up to price to pay to look fab
  • 4:20 - notice child is not in bathroom anymore - go in search of baby
  • 4:30 - child hungry, must feed child before getting dressed.
  • 4:50 - return child to bathroom to keep an eye on her, must pee AGAIN....damnit
  • 4:51 - decide it can wait, must finish hair
  • 4:52 - stop child from unrolling toilet paper AGAIN
  • 5:00 - Running behind schedule, really need to pee...
  • 5:01 - remove spanx and pee
  • 5:03 - attempt to put spanx back on without jumping...wiggle, stretch and pull...give up and jump
  • 5:08 - must re-fix hair that was undone during jumping
  • 5:10 - give up and let child unroll ALL the toilet paper
  • 5:20 - Baby sitter arrives, hand child to her and finish makeup
  • 5:30 - slip slimming dress over the suffocating spanx and admire finished product. Stunning!

Smile sweetly at hub as we exit and try to figure out how I'm going eat dinner?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Do it for Love

The other evening, after my 10 mile run, Mark stopped me to see how my training was going and if I was on track for the marathon coming up in December. As much as I would have liked to say, "Yes, I'm on track and ready for more" I had to admit to him that I was not and had fallen behind on some of my weekend long runs.

When he questioned me as to why I was not doing them I said it was because I did not have time. His response to this was "make time" or drop back from the full to the half marathon, an option I am unwilling to accept at this point.

Make time. Simple enough, but how do you carve out time in an already hectic and overly full schedule? I do not know how to do this other than to cut a few things out of the equation, none of which I am ready to give up just yet.

Last night, while watching one of my favorite TV shows (Lipstick Jungle) there was a song "Bottle it Up" by Sara Bareilles that played and caught my attention.

Love you're all I ever could need only one good thing
Worth trying to be and it's
I do it for love, love, love, love
Oh, only gonna get get what you give away,
So give love, love

This is why I do what I do...why I've always done what I do. Love. Isn't this why any of us do anything we do? We do for our family by taking care of them, (doing homework, making lunches, shuffling from practice to practice), we do for our friends (being there when they need us, chatting, blogging, having lunch) and they are there for us. Somewhere in this we have to do for ourselves so that we too can get what we need. In my case it is school and running. Maybe I'm a sucker, but I enjoy doing for my friends and family and tend to cut back on things I do for myself when I run short on time. Yes, there comes a point when I can no longer cut back and have to tell them no, but that point is not very often.

The point I am trying to make, is that life is busy and hectic and crazy, but love makes it all the more interesting. Love makes every moment worth it and even though my sanity runs short some days and I want to scream and shout at the gods to give me more time - I wouldn't change anything...I would still do it all for love!

What do you do for love?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Party Games

Back a few months ago, I came up with the brilliant idea that I wanted to host a Halloween party this year for our friends. This was partly because trick or treating is not a big deal in our neighborhood and honestly, who doesn't like the option to get dressed up as adult?! So in my excitement, I started planning...spreadsheets, searching for awesome party ideas on the Internet, and many, many hours spent cost comparing props/costumes/decor etc. Eventually the searching and planning coupled with the months in advance took it's toll and I lost my excitement. I had even gone so far as to think perhaps I didn't really want to have a party after all because they ARE a bunch of work and these past few months haven't seemed to slow down as much as I thought they would.

October is a busy time for me, mainly because we are heading into the end of soccer season (end of season party), holiday preparation starts - which means a complete cleaning overhaul because the 'sick' germs rear their ugly heads this time of year AND guess who's birthday falls this month....yep, that's right, it's my birthday month!! I claim the whole month...hehe.

This month has been no different, except that we are now planning for the Halloween party some of which is starting to come together quite nicely and some of which I think I will stress about until the day it's over. Namely - what do you do at a party to have fun? I know, this is probably not something I should worry about, but I do and I am. This is the big reason why I don't host b-day parties at my house - they are always held outside where activities are planned and I don't have clean-up.

So a while back I asked the question to all of you "What do you like most/least about a party?" Most everyone was in agreed that the food was the biggest like as well as beverage choice. The hub and I discussed this while planning the invites and since we decided to provide alcohol for our guests we decided to ditch the original idea of 'meal' food and stick to finger and appetizer foods. So for the past few weeks, I've been trying them out (poor hubby, he's going to be so sick of eating this stuff) each Sunday I make a dish or two and we have been narrowing down which we like and which we don't like so much. We've decided to do a mix of beverages and JoJo has been a great help by providing me with a punch recipe that sounds absolutely delicious.

Since it is going to be a mix of kids and adults I have planned for a few kid-friendly activities and games. My question to all of you is "What do you think about games for the adults?" Do you think it's strange to go to a party and there are games for you to play and win prizes? Personally, I think this would be gets the parents involved with a mix of adult games and adult/kid games we can all play together (like make a mummy) but I'm curious if when you go to a party you just want to drink and hang out?

I'm not talking over the top, must play a game the entire time - but I like games, I think they help break the ice and give people something to do rather than get plastered while the kids run wild. Maybe this is just another sign that the hub and I are dorks (and should not be planning dorky parties) but we play games when hanging out with our friends (cards, pictionary, Wii, domino's.) Then again...maybe we are just really BIG kids ourselves!

What do you think - party games fun or a sign of dorkiness?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Madness - Formal Parties

We've all attended a formal party at sometime or another...I used to be a HUGE fan of them, seriously, the getting all dressed up, the hair, makeup, nails and the SHOES! This past weekend the hub and I attended the Navy Ball which is listed as a semi-formal affair. No it is not a black tie event, some of the men wore suits and most of the women wore evening gowns or nice cocktail dresses. We had a wonderful time, yet there are a few things about the evening that caught my eye...

1. Semi-formal - obviously this is left open to interpretation, but there is ALWAYS one woman there who is dressed out of place. I don't mean in the usual, over dressed kind of way, but more of the 'cheap' slightly shorter than the rest, too tight kind of way.
This one was 'booty' short, lime green cut down to there...cute dress, just for the wrong occasion.

2. Music - it never fails the music that gets the biggest crowd going is a line dance.
Picture the scene in 13 going on 30 where Jennifer Garner decided to liven up the dreadful party with Thriller...everyone comes out to dance...yep, that was it. A bunch of old white guys and their very young wives doing group dances like that. Quite comical.

3. Food - Formal events are typically a more expensive luxury in life. Why is it then that the food portions are always so small?
I'm not saying that is wasn't good (I've had both, good and bad food) it's just that I spend good money to attend and most often stop for fast food on the way home because I am still hungry.

What do you find most interesting when attending formal events?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fractional Friday

Friday once again and I will admit today is better than the last few... here's why.

1. Sick - I've felt like crap for the most of this week - today I finally feel better! I think I've been fighting off an illness and after many hours of sleep and just overall 'crappiness' I think I'm finally on the other side. It wasn't enough to put me out of commission (never any rest for the mama) just enough to make me miserable for a week.

2. Ball - This weekend is the Annual Navy Ball and the hub and I will be attending the festivities. I must admit that I have never been much of one to want to go to this, but he on the other hand has wanted to go for sometime. He has finally talked me into it and so this weekend we will be 'partying' it up in high fashion! (Don't tell him, but I am looking forward to it)

3. Shoes - Yes, this gets it's own mention, but because of the aforementioned ball, I went on a mission this week to find a new pair of shoes and **drum roll** I found the perfect pair of red high heels to complement my cocktail dress for the evening. Yes, I'm super psyched and it's taken everything I had not to wear my shoes every day this week. hehe (amazing what a new pair of shoes can do for a girl like me)

4. Costumes - The children will be getting their costumes this weekend...wish us luck! DQ has changed her mind so many times over the past two weeks, I'm afraid to actually purchase one for her!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Election Year

It's an election year, just like it is every four years. I am not a political blogger, I don't even claim to be all that political in a non-blogosphere...I do have political opinions, but rather than get too involved in voiceing them, I prefer to watch the process and keep it all to myself.

Not only is it an election year for the soon to be New President, it is also election time in the town I live in. Multiple positions are up for grabs this year which sparked this conversation as DQ and I were driving out of town.

DQ - Mom, what are all those people doing? (standing on the side of the road holding signs for people to vote)

Me - Trying to get people to vote.

DQ - Vote? What are they voting?

Me - For Mayor of the town and stuff.

DQ - Do you vote?

Me - Yes.

DQ - Can I vote?

Me - When you are 18, sure...that's when you are old enough.

DQ - What is voting?

Me - Well, it's when people get to pick the people to be in charge and make the rules. (Do you see my non-politicalness starting to show?)

DQ - In charge of what?

Me - It's like when mom and dad make the rules in the house. If Mom said "I will take away desserts and snacks, we will go to school all the time, and bed time will be 2 hrs earlier" these will be moms rules. But if Dad said "We'll have ice cream every day, you can watch tv as much as you want, we'll do fun stuff every day and you can stay up as late as you want." Both mom and dad promise to do something and you get to 'vote' or pick who you want based on who's rules you like the best.

DQ - I choose you...I like you.

Me - Me? Really? You want my rules?

DQ - No, I want you to be president of our house with dad's rules.

Me - It doesn't work like that, that persons rules don't change. So who do you pick?

DQ - Dad, I guess...But I'd still like for you to be president of our house, can you change your rules?? Please???

Don't you wish voteing was as easy as ice cream and bed times?