Thursday, October 16, 2008

Alone at Last??

One of the first things I learned when I became a mother is that I was never alone. For 6 years now, I have not been 'alone' - but there are those rare, stolen moments when I get a few seconds to pretend I am alone (and perhaps pee with the bathroom door closed.)

The other day was no exception. DQ has been clinging very near my side for a few days now, Little Miss has had enough of her Daddy and decided to come drool on Mama for a while. If I went to the kitchen - they would follow, if I went to the bedroom - they would follow, if I sat down on the couch - they would find their way into my lap.

At one point, I managed to get Little Miss into her bed so I could jump in the shower. DQ had been engrossed in a computer game with her head phones on and I decided to sneak off. I had just gotten in the shower when DQ knocks on the door - Inquiring Minds want to know.....
I convince her I will be out momentarily and eventually she finds her way out.

To my surprise, when I exit the bathroom I find DQ, curled up snugly under the covers reading 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' which has been resting on my nightstand. I stood there briefly, my jaw on the floor at the scene before me, I finally realized I was not dreaming and asked"What are you doing?" to which she lowered the book enough to see me and said with a straight face "I'm reading a book." and then returned to reading.

Seriously?! Flash forward a few years and I have no doubt this is a scene I will be living. So while my day started this way and continued on this way eventually the children have to sleep right? I held out hope and FINALLY later that night, I kiss the girls good night and make my way to find the hub for a little tivo catch up before bed -

Me - Are you coming out of the office to watch "Fringe"
Hub - Yes, in a minute. I have 3 minutes left of this game and then I'll be there (Yes the hub is a gamer)
Me - Um hum...sure you are.
Hub - Yes, 2 minutes 48 seconds to go.

So with this new insight, I head off to console Little Miss who is whimpering in her crib and then realize I can have one peaceful moment to pee ALONE. I make a bee line for the bedroom, round the corner almost there, close the door and let out a sigh of relief when what to my wondering ears do I hear....

But the hub knock, knock, knocking on the door saying Are you coming to watch the show or what???

Seriously, what does a girl gotta do to get 1 minute alone in the bathroom?


Aleta said...

You are too funny! The precious "moment to pee along" time is hilarious. Though, I have to admit, in a different way I can relate. Greg was trying to call me from his cell phone and when I would answer, I didn't hear anything, bad connection, I suppose. I needed to go to the bathroom and every time I would make a walk in the direction, he tried to call me again - this happened four or five times. How frustrating! Funny post though - the things we take for granted!

the cubicle's backporch said...

hee hee. Growing up in a house with 10 people in it, you definitely learn that peeing with the door closed is a rarity. I like that your husband was in on it too. Too funny!

La Petite Chic said...

hahaha!! you can't win, can you?! that's a cute story though :)

Kellan said...

What a cute story and funny post and ... soooooo true!

Have a good afternoon, Kel - Kellan

mommaof4wife2r said...

laughing...seriously laughing here. i haven't peed when i want or by myself for like 13 years now...but now that paige is almost in HS, she's so big and will be out of the nest in 4 more years. yikes...i'll take every interruption i can get for now.

Kimmylyn said...

hahaha.. I am laughing out loud of here because I just had a conversation about this on twitter the other day.. hahahahh I can never do anything alone anymore.. too funny.