Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Before it is Too Late...

In a recent conversation, it was stated that good Project Managers are aware, actively engaged and are forward thinking in the projects they are involved with.  The "not so good" project managers tend to subscribe to the 'auto-magic' school of thought where projects run themselves and they fail or pass completion on the efforts of others.

Shortly after this statement I found myself in a conversation  prompted by the "What's and How's and Who's" that come when communication is missing.  A project, a task or even simple teamwork is only as good as the communication that it is built on.  Talking is not the same as communicating.

Examples of negative impact are easy to find, a project falls apart, a task fails to be completed, a team does not trust one another.  Communication, however works both ways and sometimes its the lack of acknowledgement that can lead to as much destruction as anything else.  Sadly, I've watched the lack of outward acknowledgement break apart teams that worked exceptionally well together and the things that should have been said while they were there only were spoken in their absence.  

Communication is hard, but it is key to what we do and it will make or break the job at hand.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The View...

...From here is a little bit different than the one yesterday and probably still not quite what it will be tomorrow.  That's the thing about "your view" - it is seen through your eyes and colored by your perceptions.  In business, just as in life, the longer we do something the better at it we become because we gain knowledge.  We learn to expect the unexpected and prepare for the unpredictable.  We expand our mind, our beliefs, our perceptions and in turn, our view changes.

I talk about business on here...specifically, my business and how I relate to it, but reality is that this is just my life....my view of life from where I'm at today.  I've been many places and I've been fortunate enough to see many aspects of business.  I've had good mentors and I've had bad mentors...all of which have brought me to this point right now.  The view from here is kind of hazy.  I have limited visibility and even though I know it won't stay like this for long, I am at a critical point in my journey that leads me to wonder if it is time for a change.

Yes, when I started this space I was going through a change that had my mind, heart and soul in knots.  I didn't know if what I was doing was right or wrong, should I trust or should I question. I simply just.did.not.know.  Today though, I don't worry about those things...I am just ready for what lies ahead and I feel content with the excitement that I don't know what is over the next horizon should I choose to head down the path less traveled.  The knots in my stomach these days come from what I can see and from what I believe lies ahead in the path I am currently traveling.

I believe it is time for a change...I believe I am ready and I am believing in myself, my instinct, my heart and my soul...that what comes next is only the beginning of the great things yet to come.  Where it will lead - I do not know.  All I know is that *this* is the window to my room with a view.