Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Election Year

It's an election year, just like it is every four years. I am not a political blogger, I don't even claim to be all that political in a non-blogosphere...I do have political opinions, but rather than get too involved in voiceing them, I prefer to watch the process and keep it all to myself.

Not only is it an election year for the soon to be New President, it is also election time in the town I live in. Multiple positions are up for grabs this year which sparked this conversation as DQ and I were driving out of town.

DQ - Mom, what are all those people doing? (standing on the side of the road holding signs for people to vote)

Me - Trying to get people to vote.

DQ - Vote? What are they voting?

Me - For Mayor of the town and stuff.

DQ - Do you vote?

Me - Yes.

DQ - Can I vote?

Me - When you are 18, sure...that's when you are old enough.

DQ - What is voting?

Me - Well, it's when people get to pick the people to be in charge and make the rules. (Do you see my non-politicalness starting to show?)

DQ - In charge of what?

Me - It's like when mom and dad make the rules in the house. If Mom said "I will take away desserts and snacks, we will go to school all the time, and bed time will be 2 hrs earlier" these will be moms rules. But if Dad said "We'll have ice cream every day, you can watch tv as much as you want, we'll do fun stuff every day and you can stay up as late as you want." Both mom and dad promise to do something and you get to 'vote' or pick who you want based on who's rules you like the best.

DQ - I choose you...I like you.

Me - Me? Really? You want my rules?

DQ - No, I want you to be president of our house with dad's rules.

Me - It doesn't work like that, that persons rules don't change. So who do you pick?

DQ - Dad, I guess...But I'd still like for you to be president of our house, can you change your rules?? Please???

Don't you wish voteing was as easy as ice cream and bed times?


auntie said...

That's so cute! And yes, I wish EVERYTHING was as easy as ice cream and bed times :)

Kellan said...

That was a darling conversation. I would vote for you too ... with dad's rules - tee hee!

Take care - Kellan

Busymama Kellie said...

Sounds like you have a future lobbyist in your house! Maybe he can sway you with special favors.

Aleta said...

That was a precious way of explaining politics without getting into the ugliness of it. I loved the conversation! But what about the lobbyist? Hehe

Jojo said...

Don't we all wish choosing anything was that simple. I don't have voting rights because of citizenship stuff so i don't really waste my time following the election just because i don't have a choice. but with all the tv campaigning it seems like they try their hardest to reveal the most negative things about each who knows, everyone seems bad at that point.

Kimmylyn said...

I wish everything was as easy as ice cream.. kinda like Auntie said.. lol

Adorable conversation though.. smart cookie there.. :)