Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Madness

We all love summer - the vacations, no school, warm weather, beaches and many more, but what about all the things summer brings that we don't look forward to?

1. The kids are out of school. I'm not talking about the little kids, nope, I'm referring to the mass quantities of teenage kids that have just gotten their license and are driving up and down the road with a car load full of their friends. Can you say crazy drivers?
(yes, I was one once upon a time - it doesn't mean I was any better, just look at my multiple fender benders back then.)

2. With the kids out comes the shopping. Forget trying to "run to the mall just to pick up a quick item." Trust me, the parking lot is full, you'll park in BFE only to find the store is probably out of what you are looking for.
(I used to go during the week to avoid weekend crowds, yep I'm old, now I just avoid the malls)

3. Swimsuits cannot be found come May - let alone in June. Something about the warm weather that brings people out in droves, but if you fail to purchase a swimsuit in March (when it's still cold) the odds of finding one in your size (i.e. big for me) will be slim to none.
(Don't let it fool you - finding one in small, such as baby 6mths, will be hard too)

4. Why does it seem (no matter what time of day OR what day) groceries are always out of stock?
(I never knew cheeseburger hamburger helper was that popular)

What do you find happens during summer that quirks you?


Kellan said...

It's so true about the swimsuits - I hate that!!!

I also notice the drivers - EEEK!

Have a good day, Kel - see you later - Kellan

Jojo said...

I think I wrote about this before....but LAWN MOWING drives me crazy. I mean everybody is doing it ALL WEEK LONG, and especially early in the morning. I just don't understand why grass has to look SO perfect, and why it needs to be mowed every damn day?

Semi-Charmed Wife said...

The TOURISTS!!!! I live in DC on Capitol Hill. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, DC is inundated with millions (literally) of tourists. Traffic is horrible. Prices on everything go up. It just SUCKS! Grrr.... I try to remember that they're bringing dollars into the local economy and to remember times that I've been an oblivious tourist. It helps, but I still get pretty testy...

Dawn said...

I totally agree with you about bathing suits. There's also the pressure to take a vacation...all that planning! And then there are mosquitos, having to show bare skin, humidity (I hate being sticky!), and finally, smog. The smog kills me.

Jenn said...

It gets ducking hot, and I swear to FSM, people get stupider.

I wrote you back today. ;-)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

People invading MY beach.
BTW, I'm blog-hopping and found your blog through someone else's. I like!