Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Madness

Monday Madness
Fashion Flubs

1. Flip flops - They are the fashion crazy, but in a suit at work (no matter how 'cute' they should not be worn.
(I like them, I wear them, I even wear them with some cute dresses...I NEVER wear them to work)

2. Cleavage - Sexy can make some people feel more confident, for women it can distract and be used as a tool to 'get your way.' Most people do not enjoy seeing it in their face at work.
(I have many styles that are cut for 'after hours' even though I wear them for work...invest in an undershirt/tanktop to cover up!)

3. Perfume - overpowering = overbearing
(we all like to smell nice, but if your 'scent' lingers long after you are gone and people can follow your trail thru a need to wear less or change perfumes)

4. Makeup - The magazine show us wild colors and crazy styles, these are not kosher for work!
(I used to work with people who were up to date on the latest fashion eyeshadow up to there, was not their strongest look at work.)

What are the biggest everyday fashion flubs you see?


J & J Acres said...

I work with mostly males so I don't get to see too many exciting fashion problems. This morning I did see a woman in black pants and a white button up shirt, but the shirt was really tight and showed her back rolls (I have them too, but you better believe I don't wear tight shirts to accentuate them!) and her gut was hanging over her pants. (Also noticeable b/c her pants and shirt were tight) I can't imagine that can be comfortable, especially when you're sitting down!

Semi-Charmed Wife said...

Here are my biggest fashion flubs:

- When someone wears shoes that are too high or that are clearly uncomfortable and they hobble around all day. I mean--I understand suffering for fashion, but that just looks silly!

- When someone wears too much makeup for day. If it's high noon, you should probably ditch the glitter eyeshadow and thick liquid liner in the workplace.

- Wearing brown with black. I don't care what the fashionistas say, it looks AWFUL to me!

The Woman said...

hip hugger pants on Very heavy set women. I'm heavy so I don't wear them but seriously rolls are not that great looking sticking out of the pants

GoteeMan said...

Well, see-through shirts combined with a really skimpy bra (or no bra at all), wearing a short skirt then sitting on the edge of a stage, giving the crowd a "Sharon Stone" shot, really heavy people with ultra low-rise pants (muffin-toppin' it up), and the #1?


Busymama Kellie said...

Muffin top!!

Jojo said...

Oh yea...others have said it here already. Clothes should fit right and by right I'm not meaning squeezing all your fat into a stretchy size 4 when you should actually be wearing an 8 or something. AND THEN TOPPING THAT with a teeny T-shirt that you can see the muffin top IN BARE SKIN

Kim said...

I cannot take when someone wears pants too short on them.. Take out the hem or buy a longer pant!!

Or bras that are too tight that back fat pops out.