Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Road Warriors

I'm started vacation today (or so they tell me) :)
Seriously though, I'm so addicted to blogging that even now here I sit...yes a little late in the day, but hopefully you'll excuse my tardiness. As mentioned previously, we decided to pack up the car and head south for a little fun in the sun with 3 kids in tow. All in all it will be a long (did I mention LONG) drive to get there, but we have a stop a little ways into our trip to visit some additional family.

So far:

Dual DVD player for occupying kids = $200
Snacks to carry in car to decrease stop time = $45
Beach supplies (everyone needed new "toy's") = $50
Gas for 1st half of trip = $140
Extra gas needed because hub got lost = $40
Getting to snuggle with the kids after and hearing them say "I love you!" - Priceless

What's your best road trip memory?


Semi-Charmed Wife said...

Embarrassingly enough, my best road trip memories are of being allowed to eat fast food. My mom thought that fast food was the devil's work and McDonald's was like an opium den. The first time I had french fries, I was 11 and we were on a road trip. It was heaven!

April said...

Despite spending all that moola, it still sounds like a great, and fun, time! Enjoy it!!

Zandria said...

I've driven cross-country by myself (from VA to CA and back) twice. My favorite memories are actually being forced to be alone with my thoughts for so long -- it's kind of amazing what will come to your mind when there aren't any other distractions. :)

I met Semi-Charmed Wife in person last night, and she mentioned that both of you are training for upcoming marathons. When I saw a comment you left on one of her recent posts, I decided to click over and say hello. So, hello! :)


Kellan said...

Yes - ALL priceless! Have fun!

See you soon - Kellan

krissy said...

My favorite road trip was going to Texas and my daughter was 5 and she was the best behaved kid in the car ever. But every road trip is a favorite for me as I love singing Hannah Montana with her or Jonas Brothers or just talking with her and hubs.

Have a great vacation. You are priceless!

GoteeMan said...

That's the best priceless...
hope your trip is wonderful...


Jojo said...

I love that you're blogging on vacation and even commenting on blogs too!!! Girl, enjoy your r&r and enjoy the snuggling and cuddling - that's the best!