Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Madness - Home Repairs

At some point in time we've all thought "I can fix that." No I'm not talking about filling in a hole in the wall, but more along the lines of replacing a light fixture, maybe some simple plumbing like replacing a faucet so it's not leaky or maybe even fixing a broken door. I was always one of 'those' girls who NEVER did these things...I lived in apartments that had maintenance and thoroughly enjoyed being able to call these men when I had an issue. Now however, I have a house that requires upgrades and updates and all things maintenance related. In honor of this I give you Monday Madness Home Repairs

1. Cost - Why are the simplest little pieces so expensive?
I want a little rubber gasket to fix a leaky faucet and it cost $5 for a teeny tiny piece of rubber? My other options are to replace the entire faucet...not so cost effective...I'd rather spend the $5.

2. Simplicity - It's NEVER simple.
It doesn't matter how easy the Home Network on TV makes it look (or the fact they can do it in 30 minutes) because it will take all day just to do what takes them 10 minutes (not including the cursing and stomping that will ensue out of frustration.

3. Parts - Can it not come with all the parts needed when purchased?
You shop for a good deal and when you finally find the one you want (in your price range) it turnes out you also need hoses, nozzles, clips, caulking and stoppers (which cost as much as the stupid upgrade)

4. Completing - Is it possible to ever be done?
Nope, there is always something else, even if you get done and say NEVER will, eventually do it again.

**Disclaimer** I have to note, that I have a wonderful husband who graciously does the home repairs and never asks me to help. I complain at the madness, however he is a master home repairer (and has learned its cheaper and easier to do it himself, because if his wife has to do's going to get ugly and he'll have to do it again anyway!)

What is your Home Repair Pet Peeve?


GoteeMan said...

Thought of some corollaries...
1) Buy a house near a hardware store... you will be making alot of trips there
2) If a repair involves water in any way, make sure you have a full day to deal with it
3) If you have a main drain line open, make sure your wife/husband/kids know not to flush ANY toilet, especially the one just over your head, and especially if it was #2
4) If anything can go wrong, it probably will
5) If any of this bothers you, shell out the $$ and hire a pro

GoteeMan said...

somehow ended up with an extra 4...
maybe that's because it needs underlined... LOL


Kimmylyn said...

My pet peeve is that the home repairs never stop coming.. :)