Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Madness - Rude

Typically Monday Madness is about things that irritate me, but today has followed one of those weekends where it has been particularly odd. So instead of a specific subject of which I find oddities...I give you Monday Madness - Disgustingly Rude

1. Lewd Gestures - As a child, this might be considered funny...the type where some teenager moons/flashes you unexpectedly, regardless of age this is not always funny.
(In my case, if you are a 60 year old man who drives by my house as I wait at the end of my driveway so I can enter traffic, rolling down your window and sticking your tongue out 'wriggling' it around is not at all found to be appealing - Especially at 7 o'clock on a Monday morning...not a great start to the week)

2. Common Courtesy - When visiting friends it is not, I repeat NOT, ok to use the guest bathroom for the bathroom of choice, to do your 'dirty' business - ESPECIALLY when it is your house and you have another bathroom in the master bedroom. Remember guests have to use that bathroom and do not want to smell your crap!
( know who I am talking to)

3. Wal-Mart - When shopping at the grocery store, when lines are long and baskets are overflowing, it is NOT OK to send your 4 year old daughter to scout the shopping lines and stand in it as you slowly make your way from your previous line, while the rest of us stand there patiently with our carts. It is likely to get you run over by another 1Ton cart as you try to enter the line.
(I prefer to be cussed out in ENGLISH, since this is America and not Spanish as I stare you down and give you dirty looks. Just because you speak Spanish and I am white does not mean I don't understand every word you say)

4. Running - I understand that exercising as a group might be a foreign concept to you and your BMW, but when you see 25 or so people at 5am in the morning jogging down the road in the outside lane for driving because there is no shoulder - this does NOT mean 'speed up and you get bonus points for each person you take out.'
(We are not bowling pins and are a close group...if you take one of us out you will have the whole mob to deal with!)

What are your RUDE random pet peeves?


Jen @ The Cubicle's Backporch said...

I agree with #4... I'll be walking our dog and even though we always get off the road when there's a car coming (I'm trying to teach her when I say 'car' to get off the road) there are people who don't even tap their brakes when they see us. We walk down a big, winding, tree-filled hill, so they shouldn't be going fast anyway.

And gross-o to the 70 year old. WTF?


I have so many, I never know where to begin.
A huge one lately is when nobody changes the toilet paper roll.
I also hate when I ask the kids to clean or pick something up and they say "But I didn't do it!" Well, I don't dirty their dishes or laundry but I still clean it!
Ah, I feel better now.

A Buns Life said...

My husband was driving down the road (slowly) recently and two elementary aged girls were walking back from the pool and for no reason at all (that he could determine) they flipped him off! He was floored. We wanted to follow them back to their house to tell their parents, but then was worried that they would make up some story about him chasing them or being a perv. so he just came home and vented to me. I'm really concerned about how rude today's kids are.....(listen to me, like I'm an old lady!)

Kellan said...

People are annoying, aren't they - tee hee?

Have a good day - Kellan

Semi-Charmed Wife said...

Wow! Sounds like you've had quite a time lately! I think my biggest rude pet peeve is rude salespeople. It's like, I'm there in your store to spend my money, so don't talk down to me and treat me like crap! You're the SALESGIRL and I'm the CUSTOMER! Grr... (Bad shopping experience this weekend...)

Jojo said...

Your monday madnesses always crack me up! Man...where do I start? Walmart. I'm PRETTY SURE theyr're making shitloads of money off of "made in china" and little kids working for cheap labor - TO BUY THEIR CASHIERS A NEW ATTITUDE. Please, I didn't tell you to work there, so don't give me your crap and when you get to the credit card swiper thing, it asks "was the store clean today?"- NO. "was the cashier nice today?" - bitch, no!

GoteeMan said...

Um... ok... well, let's see....

1. That wasn't a lewd jesture only - it was also an invitation to hang with the PERV... SICKO... ick! As my boys used to say when they were small, "dats bis-gusting"

2. oh yeah - agree - be socially responsible, and uh, how do I put this - only YOU think your own don't stank, people... please.

3. Ditto - Two Words, "Rosetta Stone" baby... yeah, I am learnin... just so I can know whether to say thank you or open up a can of whoopass...

4. yeah, same applies to what happens when you encounter cyclists... please don't throw bottles at us, or toss your drink on us and crap like that... we have friends in the FBI, and they can trace tags, just so we can nail thy butt to the wall...

other peeves:
1) people who don't wipe the toilet seat off after dragging their defacation or overshooting their urine... puh-leez! I even wrote a song:

This little throne we call our own, and try to keep it neat,
so please be kind with your behind,
and don't crap on the seat.

2) REALLY LOUD CELL PHONE TALKERS... geez, louise, recognize that you are NOT ALONE and nobody else there cares that Gigi is banging your boyfriend every Tuesday behind the Quick Stop... ick!

3) Interpersonal Halitosis - If you gonna get that close, at least give us some love by brushing those teeth... it's a tossup which is worse - heads or tails...

well, at 2:09am, I am signing off... no telling what I wrote at this hour! I'll just go ahead and apologize now, in case it's inappropriate or whatever... SAAAAAAHHHH RREEEEEEEE...