Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday Madness - Election Foe Pa's

it has been a memorable year and I am actually glad to say I've been able to be apart of it...the best part for me has been some of the more comedic moments throughout the campaign (no, I'm not talking SNL, but those are really funny!)

Monday Madness - Election Foe Pa's

1. Sarah Palin Punk'd - Canadian Comedy Duo prank called Sarah Palin and convinces her she is talking to the French President.

2. John McCain gets Stood up - John McCain call's for 'Joe the Plumber' on his first stop of the tour only to find - Joe the Plumber is no where to be found.

3. Stand up Chuck - Joe Biden calls upon Missouri state Sen. Chuck Graham to "stand up," despite the fact that he is in a wheelchair.

4. That One - John McCain refers to Barack Obama during his second round of presidential debates as 'That One.'

5. 57 States? - At a campaign event in Oregon Barack Obama says "Now I've been in 57 states - I think theres one more to go."

And remember - Don't forget to Vote!! :)


J and J Acres said...

With all the speaking they do, I'm surprised there haven't been more faux pas!

Jenn said...

Ditto J and J...I amaze myself, with all the talking I have to do at work, with some of the things I say.

GoteeMan said...

Yep, I will be voting tomorrow...

J/ (

skiplovey said...

So glad this thing will be over with tomorrow (or least maybe tomorrow, or maybe by the weekend please dear god let it be over by the weekend). anxiety level is high.

Aleta said...

Well, goes to show that we're all human. Lol. We just don't get to put the spot light on our faults. That was a funny recap though!

Kellan said...

I loved those too! I'm watching SNL right not - the presidential bash - too funny!

Have a good week - Kellan