Wednesday, November 5, 2008

'Tis the Beginning ...

...Of the end.

Or so they say with the closing of the presidential elections. I had waited for it to be over - it has been going on now for so very long and I even had planned to not blog about it today, but in listening to all the comments out there, I couldn't help but have a few final thoughts.

So much as been said about this election with regards to race. The first African American president - true he is, but I can't help but think race was not the real issue here. I'm sure race factored into the voting somewhere - but overall, I think it was a non-issue. The state of the US as Barack Obama takes office is in such disarray that the color of his skin will not change any of this. The color of his skin was not what we based our vote on, it was not his platform and it had nothing to do with how he plans to govern this great nation.

All around the radio and news stations, here at home, they were discussing Obama's great feat - and in my opinion, regardless of who would have won last night, regardless of who we each voted for - the person elected would be in for a very tough road ahead full of many hard decisions.

Here's hoping for a much brighter future!


mommaof4wife2r said...

the state of the country is def unstable...but i'm not sure it's the president's fault. well, we'll go on from here, i guess.

Aleta said...

I felt the same way, that whoever takes on the Presidency is in for a difficult road. People are talking up about his skin color, but it was never supposed to be about that, so why the big rush on race now that he has won? The color of his skin will not determine his ability to run the office. My prayers go to him that he'll make the right decisions for our country.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I agree. I was disappointed with the outcome last night....but I do respect the process. I wish him won't be an easy task...bringing the country together!

Will be interesting to see if the media continues to treat him with kid gloves after he is president!

OHmommy said...

I feel the same way Kel.

Kellan said...

Yes - a much brighter future for sure!!!

Take care, Kel - Kellan