Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

Last week I decided to pull a page from A Thorn Among Roses and play along with her weekly, Not Me Mondays, she posted a little comment about how they are addicting and I thought, "yeah right" but here I am starring Monday in the face..... and posting about what I DIDN'T DO.

1. I DID NOT put down the computer and completely stay away for over 24 hrs.

2. I DID NOT have kids run wild in my house each night of the weekend (yes, more than my own)

3. I DID NOT clean my house like a mad woman because I was having company over for dinner, complaining all the while to the hubs about how much I really didn't want company over because that ment psycho house cleaning. hehe

4. I totally DID NOT cook up a feast complete with homemade tortillas, fajitas, homemade salsa & guacamole AND a cheesecake for dessert.

5. I DID NOT laugh so hard at my friends when we played the game Seven Deadly Sins that I almost pee'd my pants.

6. I DID NOT drink absinthe for the very first time.

7. I DID NOT catch the infectious smile from the hubs when he finally brought home his new toy.

8. I DID NOT spend part of my giving thanks for the many blessings my family has, while praying for strength for those around me who are in need.

9. I DID NOT find myself hugging my girls ever time they walked by or kissing them on the forehead, enjoying the smell of their hair or the laughter that bubbled out of them when they couldn't escape my arms.

10. I DID NOT spend a few quality me hours getting my toes painted a bright, cheery shade of pink (complete with design) in hopes that spring will soon show her face.

What did YOU not do this weekend?


kel said...

I was NOT thinking of going to get a pedi today for that same reason!!

the cubicle's backporch said...

I did not eat a whole thing of Soft Batch cookies.

I did not realize halfway through said whole thing of soft batch cookies that they are more points than oreos! How dare they!

Caffeine Court said...

I did NOT puke in sombrero after drinking many margaritas! At least I don't think I did...

Anonymous said...

i totally LOVE your pedicure and I am SO jealous. it sounds like you had a FANTASTIC weekend :]