Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

It is mothers day and it has been a wonderful weekend. I will keep this short and sweet (only because I am exhausted).

Friday was busy practice for little miss then rush off to the zoo for our 'mothers day zoo snooze.' Yes, it is exactly as it sounds, we spent the night at the zoo and did a twilight zoo tour. The next morning, we toured some more and then rush back to get to the soccer game on time. Well, with the weather being crazy lately, the coach got swamped with game overlaps so she didn't make it and we needed a coach...guess who got the privilige?! Yep, yours truly!

I must was a great feeling, coaching those little kids, they tried so hard, they didn't even quit and they were so tired. Our team was really short players so the ones who were there had to work twice as hard, but they did it. We've been undefeated this season and even though this game wasn't a win, it was a tie and I'll take that! I enjoyed my short lived coaching experience...glad I don't have to do it on a regular basis

Other than that, it's been go go go...non-stop. On the up side, we watched speed racer...that is how I felt this weekend...exhilarated!!!

I hope each mother out there has had a wonderful weekend!


Semi-Charmed Wife said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

Jojo said...

Sounds like you had fun, I didn't know you could do that at the zoo - cool!! Happy (late) Mother's Day!