Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My baby

It's hard to believe that on this day 6 years ago my life changed forever. It seems like just yesterday I was waddling my way down the street - preparing to go into surgury and deliver my very first child.

I was so scared and so excited all at the same time. It had been a very long and difficult pregnancy, I had braved the hormonal roller coaster alone and other than my job, I did not know how I would manage my life beyond that point. I remember when she was lifted out of my belly and I could feel the weight being taken off me, it was kind of a sad moment because we were no longer 'joined' but only a single tear fell as I realized that we were forever together.

Six years ago at 7:31 am, my daughter made her debut into this world. Together we've put on a brave face and headed straight into the unknown. She is very much my daughter in her attitude and mannerisms and outlook. I cannot deny that part of me runs thru her veins, just as I cannot deny that she is also part her bio-father.

She does not know him (and I don't know if it will ever transpire far enough for him to reach for that) but she is him too. She is, cliche' as this sounds, the best of both of us. In six years, I've watched my baby grow into this amazing little girl. She is no longer the bright eyed wonder who doesn't understand, but more an intelligent observer of all that is around her. She is inquisitive beyond her years and stubborn beyond anything I've encountered but I wouldn't change a single thing about her.

Please don't mistake, she drives me crazy somedays and there are moments when I wonder why on earth anyone would put them selves thru this, but these are the moments that provide insight into endless possibilities of life.

So to my oldest...happy birthday never cease to amaze me. I love you!


Jojo said...

Oh Kel...Happy Birthday from me and LC too! I'm sorry you had to go through the pregnancy alone, it must've been hard. Our children are THE most amazing little people in our eyes. No age can change that - they will always be our babies.

Semi-Charmed Wife said...

Awww... so sweet! I can't wait to have kids!

Jeremy Neal said...

Hey Kel! Happy Birthday to the little one - who is probably growing up very quickly now! She's 4 years and 2 hours older than my son Ty, who was born at 9:30 a.m. Congrats again - kids make life so much more rich and full! Very exciting!

Aleta said...

Happy Birthday to your oldest little girl. She's beautiful and what a lovely post that you wrote about her. It's wonderful to read that she's the best of both of you. She looks very happy!