Friday, May 23, 2008


Today's post is inspired by my daughter D.Q. (drama queen)

Yesterday was race day (Zoom thru the Zoo 4mi - 47min finish) and I had come home from work and was changing when she came up to the door and started to talk. I could hear her coming so I decided to head her off -

Me: DQ, I'll be out in a minute
DQ: But mom, I just..
Me: Honey, I said I'll be out in a minute, it can wait.
DQ: Um, I just wanted to tell...
Me: Is it an emergency?
DQ: No, but I wanted...
Me: Then it can wait a minute. I'll be out and then we can talk.
DQ: Ok ... but I was just going to tell you...
Me: DQ!
DQ: Ok...

I heard her wander away from the door chattering to herself and I'm sure your wondering why I just didn't let her talk (we could have had the conversation in the time it took to explain to her I wasn't going to have the conversation.) I hate talking thru the door. Anyhow, during this evolution I noticed something - they don't give up. Kids that is but adults on the other hand, they do.

When did we start giving up on the things that we wanted?

What I mean is where did the drive go to push for something that we want? As a kid, they will try any means necessary to get what they are after but somewhere along the way we learn to give up. I say learn only because it seems they are not born with that as their initial attitude.
Do we give up because we are tired, because we are broken by always being told NO? What about the things that we tell ourselves we cannot attain - those things that we would like to have but can't because of A, B or C.

I want to run a marathon.
I want to lose weight.
I want to become more financially secure.
I want to have a better job.
I want to ....

There are many things that I want to do or accomplish so what is holding me back? Nothing but myself. I am currently the only obstacle in my path and the only reason why I cannot do these things is because I have told myself I cannot. As kids, they find a way to do what they want - tell a kid they cannot have that or do that and they will think about it until they find a way around your reasons or restrictions and attempt to do it anyway. As adults, rarely do we push the envelope. We tell ourselves NO more often than not and (at least in my case) I accept the default reason of "why I can't do it) as proof I cannot and rarely ever look for an alternative method.

Prior to my race yesterday, I was nervous that I would be tired and worn out by the end of my race. I never doubted I could finish, I just thought I would be exhausted and I would look like a fool. Truth is I applied this childhood logic to the run and you know what?? I finished and I wasn't exhausted or worn out. I actually felt like I could keep going - just keep putting one foot in front of the other and the distance would keep melting away.

Maybe that is what we all need a little more of in our lives...perseverance- from a child's point of view.

Do you give up because someone tells you no? I am challenging you to take one situation where there was something you wanted, but didn't go after because you or someone else decided you couldn't and come up with an alternate reason for why you still could do it.

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Semi-Charmed Wife said...

This is a great post! It's so true--children are absolutely dogged in pursuing what they want, whether it's a treat, a toy, or to be fireman when they grow up.

One think I've given up on is the idea of placing (top ten) in a 10k race. (I mean, I'm just a regular person, not an ATHLETE for goodness sake!) But this is great motivation for me to keep trying to gt faster (after the marathon of course) and persevere until I get what I want!