Sunday, May 4, 2008


I ran another 5k today. I started running as a way to boost my mental image of myself, perhaps if I worked towards something and saw results I could get out of my funk. While I've been able to see results (and yes it boosts my mental perception of myself) it is all very short lived.

Maybe it's because of other things going on, I don't know, but lately I've felt very alone. It's a big world and the internet is vast, people everywhere, I can't even be alone in my own house but deep down I am so alone. I'm obviously dealing with something bigger than running and I'm sure it has more to do with other circumstances that I'm not ready to discuss here I just keep thinking if I get thru it it will go away. It doesn't.

Running away or running towards something else - have you ever run so far or so fast that you lost track of where you were going?


Semi-Charmed Wife said...

Running has always been such therapy for me. It just lets me totally lose myself in the moment and achieve that Zen-like state of concentration. It's my meditation...

Jojo said...

I hope you feel better, Kel...I'm in a funk right now :(...but unfortunately running is not a release for me, I can't enjoy it because the whole time I'm thinking about when it's going to end. I just can't stop this kind of thinking