Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday Madness

Monday Madness Office Style

Why is it that when people are speaking they speak with puncuation?
  • "I was going to the store however comma I changed my mind."
  • "He is just a bastard period."

Is this some type of emphasis that I just don't get???

Why do people speak with "texting" terms?
  • I tell a funny joke at work and my cube neighbor replys with "LOL."
  • I ask Betty if she knows where I can get some more pens and she responds with "IDK, go ask Amy."
Seriously...I text but I don't 'speak' it.

Why do people walk into a conversation based on "one phrase" without knowing who else is involved in the conversation?
  • Beth (two cubes down) thought she overheard someone say the word fart so she pipes in "John are you farting? Giggle Giggle" and then realizes as she rounds the corner that there is a 'visitor' she does not know sitting in John's cube.
Why do people assume that just because you work on computers at work this automatically means they can ask you to fix their home computer as well?
Why do people assume that just because the computer guy can fix the computer this means that he will tell you how to fix your home computer and you will be able to follow his instructions?
Why do people assume that if you tell the computer guy "My computer doesn't work" that he'll respond with "activate computer powers" and be able to tell you what the problem with it is?

Seriously, when was the last time you walked up to your financial guy and said "Hey I'm over budget this month and my paycheck is already spent" that he responded with "If you adjust your budget to include additional taxes on gas and deducted the cost fuel mileage for driving to lunch each day as well as calculated the cost of ..."
(Yeah sure he would)

Do you have any office pet peeves??


Jojo said...

hahaha I've heard people say period in a sentence before but not comma, are you serious? That's hilarious comma I'm laughing hard here!
Well I don't have a no office pet peeves for me :(

So jealous you got to see Sex and the City, I'm dying to see it but can't. I'd be willing to pay for overpriced concession snacks to see SJP and Mr. Big "I do" it!

Becoming Me said...

Very funny musings. I've been out of an office environment for a long time but one pet peeve I had was people who were careless with their e-mail. I had an assistant who obviously didn't like being my assistant and thought she would be much better suited for my job. I know this, because she sent an e-mail to a co-worker with this information. Well, she actually thought she sent it to her friend, she sent it to me. Not very wise.

Semi-Charmed Wife said...

That cracked me up--my husband is a software engineer and he gets asked to help people with their PCs all the time...

Office pet peeves...
- When someone brings tempting baked goods to work
- Feeling pressured to go out for lunch or for happy hour when I already see those people more than my husband so ENOUGH ALREADY
- Complaints without solutions. If you're going to whine about something, at least come armed with a way to fix it

Sigh. I'm ready to retire!

Jenn said...

Ha ha!

Jenn said...

PS: I say "comma" in a sentence--but only in class--when I'm teaching commas! ;-)

Juls said...

I have one: Why is that when people find out that you are a nurse, they suddenly start telling you about their ailments and asking how to cure it?

Kim said...

I hate when people "say" LOL. WTF.. I don't get that.. Great list..


April said...

Office pet peeves...oh god I could go on all day long. I hate people who don't "know" how to copy or fax soemthing (i.e. are just too damn lazy) OR "don't know" how to transer a call or put something in to v/m so they figure "hey you only answer phones so you have the time to do it." I want to be like "Bitch I do a hell of a lot more than just answer phones. DO IT YOURSELF!"

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Do they seriously speak in punctuation? How bizarre, I've never heard that. And textspeak drives me nuts!