Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex and the City Friday!!

YAY!! Can you tell what I've been looking forward to this week??

I admit it, I am one of those women who are going to line up tonight and see it on opening night, I've got a girlfriend I'm picking up on the way and we are going to see how the drama unfolds.

I've been anticipating todays post all week - (odd, I know) I've debated a few ways I would take it but have decided on the only one that truly suits me..."Why are we so enthralled with SATC?"
The show ran for six seasons on HBO and then turned around (did a little editing) and re-ran on cable TV. I watched it on HBO, bought the series on DVD and on occasion I still catch a late night episode on cable tv when I'm all caught up on TiVo. But what's with the fasination?

All week long there's been articles written about the impending movie release:
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But none of these can really capture what that essence was that grabed us and had us watching the episodes. When the show aired I was not 30 something, single-yes, business successful-no, drinking cosmos at upscale bars with awesome friends-no and yet I tuned in faithfully. Many years later, I'm knocking on 30 something's door, married, still don't drink cosmo's at upscale bars or hang out with awesome friends, but I can at least say that I have experienced this from time to time, just not on a regular basis.

In an effort to be fully ready tonights movie going experience, I have been re-watching the series on DVD and one thing I've noticed is that while the show touches on issues that are real in the dating/relationship world the rest is not likely to happen (at least not nearly as often as they make it happen.) Seriously who picks up a new guy each week? Even when I was single and a little free spirited I didn't do that. So once again, why did I watch? Why do most women watch?
I can't speak for other women out there, but for myself it was good entertainment. In the moments when I was single I could relate to looking for love in all the wrong places, of wanting the one person (Mr. Big) who was unavailable and of needing the good friendships to get me through the rough patches when it seemed like the world had a twisted sense of humor and I would be forever alone. Even as a married woman, I still have relationship issues, sometimes my commitment phobeia flares up and I want to run for the hills, but now I know (and treasure) those friendships that have suffered thru many a drinking/male bashing night.

It wasn't just about sex it was about friendship, the cornerstone of any good relationship that kept me coming back. The issues were never far fetched (growing older, looking for love, break-ups, unmarried/unplanned pregnancy, commitment fears, infidelity and others) and so I could relate...the outcomes might have been a little far reaching at times, but it was always entertaining to see how they were going to get there.

Did you watch ever watch the show?? Why?


April said...

I am kinda embarrassed to say I NEVER ONCE watched an episode. No particular reason why, just didn't. but now with all the hullabaloo with the movie, I'm kinda tempted to netflix the tv show...

Kim said...

I own every season.. I heart the show.. and for no other reason than I just HAD to.. Every story line captivated me..

I cannot wait to go see the movie..

Joggingincircles.. :)

Aleta said...

I love the show, because of the friendships. The dating aspect was a touch of truth and a lot about laughter. The friendships ~ that is the crux of the show, I think.

I hope you enjoyed it- but don't give out any spoilers! I'm going to watch it this Saturday with a girlfriend. I know Greg wouldn't want to see the chic flic.