Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday Madness

It's that time of the week again and in light of my recent travel adventures I bring you
Monday Madness - Travel Edition.

1. You're packed and ready to walk out the door when suddenly you realize you don't have the right shoes ... (the ones you had planned to wear are suddenly not good enough and look pretty crappy.)
Come on now, did you really not notice we were planning a trip for the last month?? (I'm a good planner and know weeks in advance if I'm going to need something...the hub on the other hand.....)

2. You get to the airport with plenty of time to spare, grab a quick snack and head to your gate only to find out that the previous flight has been delayed and those passengers have now been bumped to YOUR flight (which is in turn going to delay your flight about 15 minutes.)
Yay, just what I enjoy sitting arm to arm with strangers, couldn't they just wait the additional 30 minutes so they could take there original flight, seriously they've already waited this long??

3. Finally seated on the flight and ready to go you notice it is unusually warm, the pilot then comes across the speakers and says..."This is your pilot speaking, unfortunately we only have one AC working so it will be a little warm until we get up to crusing altitude, but it should cool off then.
Great, that's like saying I've only got one engine?!

4. In addition to the heat, there is an overwhelming stench coming from somewhere on the plane very near you that has attracted a "lone fly" that is now buzzing incessantly around the row you are seated on.
Where's a fly swatter when you need one or a bottle of spray deodarant.

5. Once again, the pilot comes on the speaker announcing this time "Due to the additional passengers we are going to have to take on additional fuel. This shouldn't delay us too much longer."
Oh goodie...I only have 1 hr to make my connecting flight, this should be fun!

6. Nope, not done more announcement from the pilot, "We are going to be delayed indefinately, we are not sure why, but we'll keep you updated."
Did you just say "you didn't know why?" Not a chance in hell I'll ever catch my connecting flight now.

7. You arrive at the airport only to find your connecting flight has already left (without you) and the ticket person proceeds to ask you "Why did you wait until the last flight of the day?"
Seriously?? WTF...I thought your planes were on time. (Label this under things NOT to say to someone at 10:30pm after a 2 hr flight delay)

8. A 'distressed passenger' voucher does not equal "free hotel room" - it's for about $15-$20 dollars off a room rate, nor does it include food.
Motel [gr]-8 is not my favorite, a $15 dollar reduction does not make the unexpected stay any better (considering I had already paid for a night elsewhere)

9. Pre-packaged deals (i.e. priceline, expedia etc.) do not give refunds on unexpected delays or changes (even if you bought the insurance)
Yep, that's your bad and they're so sorry for it, but it's still there money! haha

10. Getting selected for random airport baggage checks is not the worst you can think of in an already over-crowded, busy airport--neither is having your panties thrown all over the table...having your iPod set off the 'bomb' detector is MUCH WORSE! Yep, people stop all around to see who you are....only to find out, after the fact, that it is indeed, just a little ol' iPod!
Perhaps, the pretty pink iPod glove wasn't a good disguise, next time I'll try a label that say's "I'm not a bomb, just a MP3 player."

What's your travel pet peeve?


Semi-Charmed Wife said...

Wow. How frustrating! Yet another reason that if a trip is less than a 12-hour drive, I refuse to fly! The airlines have gotten so much worse over the last few years...

April said...

Yikes! And THIS Is why I hate flying! Nothing but a pain in the butt from start to finish!

krissy said...


I posted on your other blog too. I got confused!!! I hate crappy drivers. That is my pet peave.

Jojo said...

oh my gosh, did all this happen to YOU??? I'm so sorry, most of the time when I DO fly, it is to Mongolia to visit my family. It's like a total of 20 hours of flying so I know all the frustration when unexpected things happen...glad you're back and I hope you were able to enjoy the rest of the trip!