Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Madness

There is a song by Gnarls Barkely called Crazy -

I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind
There was something so pleasant about that place.
Even your emotions had an echo
In so much space

And when you're out there

Without care,
Yeah, I was out of touch
But it wasn't because I didn't know enough
I just knew too much

Does that make me crazy?

On the radio station (where I used to live) they would have callers call in and voice what makes them crazy: here are a few of my own oddities to ponder...

  • My only pet is a cat - one who is well trained to use the litter box - and my neighbor has dog (8 of them). I do not like to constantly clean up dog poo in my yard and my neighbors seem not to care if their dogs do their business at my house...Does it make me crazy if I pick up said dog poo with a plastic baggie (ziplock variety) and take it over to the neighbors house for them to dispose of??

  • This weekend I took D.Q. to the swimming pool, we have recently purchased a new swimsuit for the summer (pool requires a one piece) it would seem that no matter what size I get the child (bigger or smaller) it always crawls up her butt. Does it make me crazy if the entire time we're at the pool I'm the mom yelling "D.Q. pull your bathing suit out of your butt."

  • At Wal-Mart they have the self-checkout wal-mart is always so psychotic with people that these are usually the fastest lanes (if you can find an empty one) Now when I grocery shop these are usually the only lane I will check out at. Does it make me crazy when I get to a lane and the person in front of me can't seem to work it that I will scan and bag their stuff to make the process faster?

Do you have any oddities that make you wonder if perhaps you're crazy??


Kellan said...

How funny the swimsuit story and the scanning other people's groceries - HA! The dog poop would make me MAD!

I was wondering about this - now I can come over to this blog where I definitely understand kids swimsuits and butts - running - not so much! Thanks, Kel - see you later. Kellan

Jenn said...

I'd put the poo in ziplocs and leave it with a note attached with a pretty ribbon: "I found this in my yard, but I think it belongs to you. Just thought I'd be neighborly and return it."

Queen of the Mayhem said...

The Princess has the same problem with swimsuits and it makes ME CRAZY!

There are so many neurotic, crazy things I's hard to narrow it down to a few!

I am completely obsessed with a good pen...I will go to just about ANY length to procure and KEEP a good friends and husband tease me mercilessly about it!

Jojo said...

I have a pen thing like the Queen here...but also, I'm crazy about parking straight. When people park over the line or NOT STRAIGHT, i want to beat them. Other people's bangs drive me nuts.....I want to brush the hair out of their eyes for them. It's OBVIOUSLY bothering them right???...or is it just me

Semi-Charmed Wife said...

I eat the same breakfast for years at a time. For a while (about 2.5 years), it was an English muffin with peanut butter. Now it's Kashi Honey Almond Flax with a banana. If I can't have my "usual" breakfast, I totally lose it.

I also eat candy bars in layers. So if I'm eating a Snickers, I eat the chocolate, then the nougat, then the caramel/peanuts. It's messy, but it's the way I like it...