Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer Fun

Summer is here (unofficially of course) which means school is out, the kids are running rampant and if your anything like me...your just trying to keep up. Many moms around blog land have been writing about the joys of having their children home, the fun and exciting things they do etc. I work - all day everyday and so my kids have to find somewhere to go during the day during the summer.

This is the first year that both of the older ones (DramaQueen and Jr.) are old enough to experience and enjoy summer camp. The difference is that they do not go to one summer, that would be too easy, they each go to their own summer camp - this way there is NO WAY for them to spend the day together and get on each others nerves (yes, my children like to drive each other crazy as well as their parents.)

So what's the big deal, you might ask? Being this is the first week for Jr. to start camp, his first day was not so good. He came home very upset, said he didn't make any friends and spent the entire day BORED! We have a schedule of events that they are supposed to follow and I wouldn't think it was boring, but what do I know, I'm a parent. D.Q. on the other hand was attending her second week at camp and had really enjoyed the first week, but had since taken up the attitude of her brother (after she heard him say he didn't like camp) and had decided she too didn't really like camp after all.

Each day, we've asked Jr. what he thought about camp and each day his opinion has gotten better. Yes, he's decided that camp isn't so bad after all and he kind of enjoys it (I never knew 7yr old boys could be so picky.) Yesterday, after picking up D.Q. I was inquiring about her day when she piped in "Mom, this is the best camp in the world. Please, please, please, please, please promise I can always go to this camp when it is summer."

To my surprise, D.Q. was rather excited (she had liked camp before but never said it with this much enthusiasm) so of course I was curious to find out what made today SO much better than the previous ones. To which she replies:

"Well, Megan ask the counselor if she could write on her hand and she said 'Sure' - and you know what else?" "We don't even get in trouble for writing on ourselves."

This time I look in the back seat and I can see a little pink marker smiley face drawn on her hand. I respond with " is that why you have a smiley face on your hand?"

She says "Yes and I have a submarine and a spider on my other one too." "Isn't that cool?"

Me: "of course dear."

DQ: "So can I mom? Can I come here forever?"

Me: (grins to myself) "Sure thing, if that is what you want to do...I'm sure it can be arranged."

Oh, the joy of summer, being a kid - when life was a simple as being able to draw on your hand!

What was your favorite thing about summer?


A Buns Life said...

Until I was old enough to watch my sister full time, (10 or 11) they would ship us off to my grandparent's house for a month or more, and that was pure bliss. No stress, no chores, yelling, nothing but love and fun. If you haven't delved into my archives, I didn't exactly have the best relationship with my mother to put it mildly.

Semi-Charmed Wife said...

I LOVED summer camp! I went to the same one from the time I was 5 until I was 14. It was great--swimming in the lake, doing crafts, taking archery classes. So much fun! I also loved picking blackberries in the summer--they grow wild all around my parents' house. We'd eat them with cream and sugar or make cobblers.

Aw... you're making me homesick!

krissy said...

That would totally suck being bored and not having friends to hang with.

My favorite part about summer is freedom. Winter storms cannot ruin my days and force me to stay home all day.

Jojo said...

I used to go picking fruits and mushrooms with my family and also go fishing (this is back in Mgl)...I love that but now summer isn't that fun anymore because you have stay inside because it's too damn hot

Queen of the Mayhem said...

OOOHHH! Breaking the rules is ALWAYS so much fun!

The Princess loves her camps too! Junior Mayhem is only old enough for swimming lessons and he is counting the days until he can go too!

Aleta said...

That is too cute ~ see, this is what I love about reading stories about childhood and children ~ to remember that the simple things in life can be treasured. As adults, when you have the responsibilities heaped on, you tend to forget about the little things in life that can make you smile. Thanks for sharing and I'm glad your children are enjoying summer camp!

April said...

I absolutely loved playing all day long outside in the summertime until my mom called us in for lunch and then supper. It was almost like a little taste of freedom!