Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Madness

In honor of finally returning are a few things I found 'wrong' along the way.

1. Speed-do not drive 50 in a 70mph on the highway.
2. Flat tires-pull completely off the road to change your tire.
3. Beer-if I can read "miller lite" as I pass, you should not be drinking it.

What are your driving pet peeves?


Jojo said...

Do not drive so fast that you'll drive yourself into hell along with some other people!!!!!!!! and LOOK before you turn left in front of oncoming traffic, oh yes and I hate the dumbasses that keep HONKING when I'm at a red light.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

OMG! I'm shocked at the blatant drinking and driving.
I think my driving peeves can be summed up with "don't be an a*hole". People are just so selfish and worried about getting to their destination ASAP, without giving a thought or care to the others on the road.

Kim said...

Putting make up on or eating while driving .. I cannot take that!!

JIC - Kimmylyn

Busymama Karen said...

I've seen a couple of idiots reading while driving!!! Yes, 55 mph on the highway and holding up a book in front of the steering wheel. Drinking and driving is the worst!