Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Home at last!

Last week the family and I embarked on (and yes, I say embarked because it is a journey of wild proportion) a family vacation. Each summer we take the kids back home to visit my side of the family (I don't venture that far south very often) and we spend a few days frolicking in the sun and surf. The kids look forward to this from the time school lets out until it is over.

This year was no exception. The big difference this year was that we decided to pack up the SUV and drive south (14hrs) and visit BOTH sides of the family along the way. I've blogged a bit about it throughout the trip but here is a quick recap of events:

  • Drive south
  • Hub 'detours' for the longer route (because it was fun..HA)
  • Visit his family
  • Drive south some more
  • Meet up with my family at the beach
  • It rained (it NEVER rains in hell...seriously its been 4months without any rain)
  • Think because it is cloudy no sunscreen is needed (hub looks like a lobster and I'm branded)
  • Run from rain after we get settled at beach
  • Drive north, stop and let kids run rampant in hotel pool
  • Drive north some more - get home, safe and sound.

I think back to all those parents who have done 'road' trips before me and believe they must be insane. Seriously...I just spent 34 hours total there and back in the car with 3 kids (who liked to tell me "I'm bored.")

The funniest thing about the whole trip (despite my children's antics) would have to be my daughter (who is convinced she is grown). On the way home she was scolded for bothering her sister while she slept. DQ then decides she does not want to 'talk' to me, about 20 minutes later we stop for a restroom break and I'm chatting to her (of which she does not respond) but I only get side glances from her. So I proceed to not speak to her anymore. I wash my hands and walk out without waiting for her. She is kind of thrown for a loop - mom ALWAYS waits for her - 10 minutes into the drive later, she decides she is done and WANTS to talk to me, but I do not answer.

The hub looks at her and says "But I thought you weren't talking to mom?"
DQ responds with "But I want to now."
The hub then thru a succession of conversation bets her that she cannot say MOM for the next 100 miles (we have left of our trip).
OF COURSE DQ takes him up on this offer and proceeds to sing song mom-momma-mommy for the next 30 miles. I couldn't help but laugh at the ingenious of it...she hasn't stopped talking to me since we got home!

Ha...score one for the MOMMA!!!


Kellan said...

Cute story! I've often said that I wish I had a tally for how many times the word "Mom" has been said in my house - it's got to be in the trillions!

Take care - Kellan

Semi-Charmed Wife said...

That's funny! I honestly don't know how my parents did the road trip thing as often as they did--it blows my mind!

A Buns Life said...

Too funny! Jake was mad at both Dave and I last night 'cause we had to lay down some punishment since he was back talking and not listening. He already has a sign on his bedroom door that says no girls allowed except for mommy, which he crossed out and then he added no daddies too! Of course it was bedtime and he wanted me to read him a book and sing songs, so I was allowed in, but just this one time! :)

Kim said...

I used to go on road trips all the time when I was a kid.. I have yet to do one with my boys..

What a cute story!!!

PS.. Can you email me your address again.. I don't know where I filed it?? :)

Jogging In Circles. :)

Jojo said...

Now I know why you've dubbed her D.Q. LOL, she just sounds like such a charmer I tell ya. Glad you're back!! I know now you need a vacation BECAUSE you had a vacation, isn't that how it always goes (especially since you drove that much)?