Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Last week, the Sexy Diva posted a video of herself doing a 'sexy' dance and then proceeded to challenge the rest of us Sexy Women to do the same. Ok, so she didn't say we had to post the sexy dance, we could do a sexy picture or a sexy thought or pretty much anything that made us feel sexy. So me being me, and not being able to resist a good challenge, decided to participate.

Well this participation couldn't be just any ol' 'sexy' photo - I was determined to make it one CrAzY sexy photo, silly and probably over the top. To me, the best part about being sexy is being fun. Now where in the world am I going with this post...just stay with me and you will see.

This got me to thinking about "sexy" or really what it is that I think is sexy compared to what I am led to believe is sexy from the media. Now we all know sex sells, why else would we have half naked women running around commercials about cars (or any other product?) No, I am not a prude and can appreciate the human body with the rest of them, but if I look at it from a mothers stand point - what do I want to teach my children?

Do I really want my daughters growing up in a world where they think they have to show skin to be sexy? To be liked? To be popular or cool? No, but in reality, this is what is portrayed by the media and in all honesty, I am no better.

Case and point: My first idea for a photo to this challenge...

Once upon a time, I thought of myself as sexy. Over a decade ago I would have gone up against anyone who challenged that just to prove them wrong. 10 years later, that belief is gone...I wouldn't even attempt to consider myself "sexy" outside the 4 walls of my very own house, but even still...I proceeded to play along.

The thing about being a woman, about growing up, is that no matter what age I am, I still want to feel sexy. I want to make my husband smile that sly smile when he thinks of me, I want to be as attractive outwardly as I feel inwardly. So what has changed me from the what was to what is?

Battle scars of life.

  • I have had 2 beautiful little girls - I've got the scars and stretch marks to prove it.
  • Saggy body parts - I've gained and lost weight over the years, gravity is now taking it's toll
  • Wild Youth - I wanted to be cool when I was younger, I now have scars from piercings years ago

But are all battle scars of life bad?
  • Are the laugh lines that are beginning to appear from a life filled with good times considered unsexy?
  • Are the wrinkles around my eyes really that bad if it shows the sleepless nights I've spent with a sick baby?
  • Are the callouses on my feet that bad if it reveals my love of late night dancing with my friends?

We look at life as we grow older and try to hold on to pieces of our youth because this is what we see each day, all around us...but what if we changed our perception of what is sexy? What if what was real became what is sexy?

The moments we don't care about our hair or striking a perfect pose for the camera?

The moments we are caught 'in the moment' and unaware
of anything around us?

The moments when life falls into place and we couldn't ask for more?

I'm talking about life...what if life became sexy and by enjoying life, we believed we were sexy. Wouldn't that be a concept?

Will you show the world your inner sexy? What do you think is sexy?


Queen of the Mayhem said...

I love this post! You sexy B...you! :)

Semi-Charmed Wife said...

First of all, I love your sexy pics--you look fabulous!

Ah, this is something I really struggle with... feeling sexy. I typically think of myself as attractive, but not particularly sexy. It's a body confidence thing. I'm working on it...

April said...

What a GREAT post! and so right on!
You ARE sexy.

Now, I just have to get up enough nerve to post something myself for Krissy's challenge. Hmmmm....

auntie said...

i LOVE this post! you are so right on about seeing everyday life as sexy...i know when i think about a guy i'm attracted to i don't necessarily picture him naked and in the throes of passion (although...mmmmmm). i usually think of him just doing his everyday things, and how he doesn't realize how sexy he is just by being him. i'll bet a lot of men think about women that way, too...WE just don't see it the same way.

Kellan said...

This was so beautifully said - well done!

Take care - Kellan

Jojo said...

I don't care what you say, that is ONE SEXY PIC! I feel sexy when I look good because looking good makes me feel confident which leads to sexy...kinda cliche, but aren't all cliche things true?

krissy said...

OMG....I am so proud of you.....

You put into words exactly what I was trying to get at. Sexy isn't just about nakedness and being thin and model like. It's about being brave, secure and happy.

I am so darn proud of you. I am reavealing you and then I am linking to this post.

And you are a sex pot....seriously!

GoteeMan said...

great post... I see stretch marks and scars as something different - they represent the love and life experiences we have survived...

stretch marks are the written story, in flesh, of the love that produced a beautiful child. Scars represent learning and healing and growth.

to come to terms with one's self, one's experiences and one's identity is key to finding our bliss in this life... to pursue what we truly love...


Gregg said...

Confidence and a joy of life are all that is needed to be sexy.

That, and very basic hygiene. I had to add that because I know a bag lady who fits the first two, but seriously blows it on point three.

Still, I wish I was as happy as she is!

Blessings From Above said...

I found you through Firecracker Mom. I LOVE this post. You hit the nail on the head!