Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Madness - Back to School

It is that time of year again - the time of year I've been simultaneously looking forward to and dreading all summer long...the first day of school. So in honor of My daughter's 1st day of school this year...
Monday Madness - Back to School

1. Shopping - Tax free weekend signifies "come one, come all" and get your back to school gear here.
It also signifies hot, stuffy stores, clothing that has been ransacked by other eager parents and a guarantee that you will wait an hour to pay for your stuff.

2. Supplies - As soon as the school year is looming ahead the supplies are dropped down to pennies on the dollar.
The stores know we will be buying them in mass quantities to satisfy our school requirements...why is it then that pencils can be sold in bundle packs of 50 for 25 cents but all the rest of the year I have to buy them in packs of 10 for $1?

3. Shoes - My child's feet seem to grow like weeds. Rarely do they ever last long enough in 'wearable' condition for her to outgrow's more like I just keep replacing them.
Any other time of the year buying shoes isn't such a deplorable idea, at the start of the year however the stores seem to plan for 1 person to man the entire shoe department - at which time I am sending them back with 4 pairs in 2 sizes (one whole and one half size) to see which ones fit better. Add that to the list of other parents sending the guy back and you are bound to not see him for at least 30 minutes.

4. School Specifics - The requirements from the school that can only be bought from the child's school.
The school notebooks used to relay information/homework home to the parents each day that are imprinted with the schools information or the writing tablets that can only be found at the schools library or the specific glue tops? Seriously...a glue top??

5. Student Pickup - There are specific rules when driving thru the drop off/pickup line at my daughters school...2 lines in filter into 1 (picture cattle being herded into the cattle shoot) - each year however there are the new parents who don't know the 'driving etiquette' or the drivers who show up once or twice to pick up the kids and screw it all up for the rest of us parents. Seriously, if you drive down the road and see 15 cars lined up on the side waiting to turn into the driveway, then you should realize they are not just hanging out for cannot jump in front and cut line.

What quirks do you have at the start of the school year?


J & J Acres said...

I used to pick my little brother up from school and I agree with the driving etiquette. There were always some parent who would be first or second in line and park their car to go inside or whatever so that people had to go AROUND their vehicle. GRRR!

A Buns Life said...

The carpool line drive me I usually let Jake ride the bus for the first few days/week or so until it calms down and then I take him the the three days a week I go into work. (It is faster than waiting for the bus.) Don't even get me started on the school supply thing.....

Jojo said...

I don't really know about kids school stuff, will learn though. But this tax-free weekend?? what is that? Please tell me more about this, is this in every state?

Semi-Charmed Wife said...

None yet--but ask me in a few years!

krissy said...

Working at Target when all the kids and moms are trying to organize and buy the school supplies.

It sorta sucks. Can't help the bitterness.

Can you believe that Christmas is coming up right around the corner?

Jenn said...

This is why I do not go into stores like Target and Wal-Mart right now...only after school starts.