Friday, September 19, 2008

Fractionl Friday

Hooray for FRIDAY!

Today is much better than yesterday and true to brain is a bit scattered this morning, but in a good way.

1. Stolen - Yesterdays post. It was short and to the day had been hijacked and I didn't post until late last night, so I titled it "Stolen" - oddly enough, this morning I pop in and guess what? Yep, my post has been stolen...haha...actually, in reader I can see it, editing it, I can see it - however on my page...I cannot. Could I spend time to actually correct this, probably. Will I, probably not. I actually think it is kind of funny and fitting since that is pretty much how I felt yesterday!

2. Ending & Beginnings - The end of summer is here, which means the beginning of Fall is arriving. I love summer and have only since taken to liking the fall. This is probably due to the fact that growing up we had one season with a few variations. Summer - hot, hotter, hottest, and HOLY COW! It wasn't until I was about 19 or so that I got to experience 'fall' with the leaves and crispy wind. I thought it was the greatest thing since slice bread - I still have a thing for it which brings me to my next random thought.

3. Apples - I want to pick apples. We have an orchard or two very near our house and they offer picking of fruits during the seasons (strawberry's, apples, peaches, pears, blackberry's and raspberry's.) Right now, apples, pears and some peaches are still available. Personally I want to go pick apples and then come home and slave away making a homemade apple pie (or 2 or

Rarely do I do anything in small numbers so making a pie for us and typically that also involves friends and neighbors too. My mother was a homemaker - she made EVERYTHING and could cook from scratch like nobodys business. I don't cook like this often, but there are moments when I like to and I think this would be a great 'mother/daughter' activity for DQ and me. I'm excited (can't you tell) - hopefully she will behave at school so we can go this weekend.

4. Halloween - Yep, I'm back on that kick. I had kind of lost my drive for the Halloween party I have planned, but am slowly getting it back. Realizing that it is very near the end of September, I might need to get the invitations in order so I've been searching for those as well as costumes for everyone in my house. Every year I get these ideas of what I want to be, a gypsy, a ladybug, an 80's rocker, a pirate etc. Then I typically fall back on some variation of a Gothic/Elvira/vampires person. I get so caught up searching for the costume and wanting to be each one that I never get one nailed down and am scrambling at the last minute. Not this year.... I'm searching and hopefully by this weekend I will have it purchased and waiting in my closet for the big day..hehe

5. Love - Bloggy love to be exact. Today is my 100th post at CafeKel and while, this is not my first 100...I'm excited none the less. Goteeman was kind enough to bestow on me the gift of bloggy love and I'm thrilled. Actually, his words were the most touching ... 'honest and transparent.' It's odd that those words can make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, but when I stop to think about it, I spent a good portion of my growing up 'playing the part' of who I thought I was supposed to be and knowing that I've stopped playing me and started becoming me, feels good.

So in honor of post number 100 - I want to share some bloggy love with you -

Kim @JoggingInCircles - funny and poignent- this lady shares her love of the world thru some amazing pictures and her love for her boys is inspiring. You notes always bring a little extra sunshine to my day!

Kellan @OnTheUpside - A lady who has it all together (in matching bags and tied with a pretty bow) she always has a story to share and a kind word to say. You give me hope that one day I will get thru this thing called mommyhood with my sanity.

Krissy @FirecrackerMom - She keeps it down to earth with no sugar coating life. A woman of amazing strength who raises her daughter, is a wonderful wife and juggles the mirade of crap life deals her with a fight that I can only envy. She's there to make me chuckle (sometime throw up in my mouth) and plot revenge in the need arises. Thanks for being a friend!

I want to say Thanks to all the people who stop by - I have found a home here in blog land and am so happy to have neighbors like you! Each and every one of you brighten my day in someway - I just hope I can do the same for you.

Have a GREAT weekend!!


the cubicle's backporch said...

I like reading fun Friday posts!

I picked the (very few) remaining good apples left on our apple tree that got uprooted by the storm. I'm hoping to try my hand at an apple pie. Stand back. It may be scary!!

Aleta said...

That was funny about "Stolen." I thought it was a joke at first, but in the comment section, I can read it when I clicked on "Original Post." Funny.

I love Fall. We don't truly have a winter, more like "cold fronts" if it reaches this far. I love the cool, crisp feeling of Fall. It also means no more hurricanes, an added bonus.

Ohhhh, I wish we could pick apples. How delightful! Fresh fruit, had picked ~ that's the sweetest kind.

Well, I'm partial to Halloween. My brother teases me and says I missed my true birthday by a couple of days (mine is Oct 28th). Aren't brother's wonderful? Lol.

Hope you have a great weekend!

mommaof4wife2r said...

super fun Kel...and congrats on your blog love! i was just making mental plans to head out to the orchard soon for apples. yummo!

auntie said...

Congrats on your 100th post. You always make my day when you stop by and comment on my crazy world. Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until apples are all ready here. Well, there are some apples ready but the bulk of the harvest will be in a couple of weeks. I usually use most of them for applesauce ,with some goodies like pies and cobblers. :)

hooray for 100 posts!

OHmommy said...

We are going apple picking tomorrow. You have to love Fall just for that!

Now I just have to learn how to bake things with them.

Kellan said...

Hey - congrats on your 100th post and on the nice award and thanks so much for the kind words and passing this award on to me - I love your blog too!!

Take care and have a good weekend - Kellan

Kellan said...

Hey - congrats on your 100th post and on the nice award and thanks so much for the kind words and passing this award on to me - I love your blog too!!

Take care and have a good weekend - Kellan

GoteeMan said...

Well deserved, Kel...
Love reading your blog...

The past week or so has been a little nuts here, so I am off and on, but drop in here when I am on...

J/ (

pixie4bears said...

Lol @ the stolen post. It is weird how that panned out. You have a super blog!

Jojo said...

I'm a fall and spring kinda girl...the colors, the smells, and of course apples! Congrats on reaching the 100, you certainly deserve the award :) Love your blog!

krissy said...

For me??? Really???? You are too sweet.

And I am always the proudest when I make you throw up in your mouth sometimes. That means that you are reading every word. What a terrific friend you are.

Hugs friend.