Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Madness - Football

School has started back up and Fall is in the air which means sports season is in full swing - specifically Football for most households. Mine is no different...the hub is a football fanatic and I, well - I am not so much. Funny thing is that I used to be a cheerleader and spent many nights at football games - now, well, I just don't get that excited watching it on T.V. - get to a game though and I'm all in. The hub on the other hand is quite an interesting species when this time of year rolls around...from what I can tell, many people change when this time of year rolls around.

Monday Madness - Football

1. Snacks - Chips, dips & Beer. There is something about a game on the TV which requires the need of Chips, Dips and Beer to be readily available each and every Sunday. All other food is null and void (with the exception of perhaps chicken wings) these are the standard Sunday staple.
(I like these snacks too, but every, single, sunday during the season...they get a little old!)

2. Support - Wearing of the Jersey. The hub specifically, has a few Jerseys of his favorite teams, he will invariably change the Jersey to match the team he is watching/supporting. Our friends are Jersey wearers too and will don them to support their teams while watching them on TV...not in person at the game.
(I don't get it, the team will not know if your wearing it and just because he is wearing the jersey, it will not make the team win.)

3. Sunday - Games are an all day affair. It is not "lets just watch team X play." Oh no, that would be too simple, instead lets watch game, after game, after game. Not all of them are favorites, but they are ALL football games therefore they all fall under the realm of "Watching."
(Seriously...all day? Can't the channel be changed to something else at sometime during the day?)

What is YOUR football routine?


the cubicle's backporch said...

For whatever reason, I've never gotten into football. And Mr. C doesn't really watch it unless our alma mater is playing their big rival.

I think it's funny when guys where their football team's jerseys. And I agree- how can they eat the same chips and dip all season?

pixie4bears said...

I am not into football..never really been into any sports. Maybe it is because I grew up with a family that wasn't into it.

Aleta said...

I never got into football until I met Greg. He is great about not only discussing the game, but also about the skills and what the plans are involved. He makes the game come to life.

Sometimes we'll go to his parents' home if it's a big game ~ they are all Saints and LSU fans. Otherwise, we enjoy watching a game in our home with some snacks and chilling out. From time to time, I might do some beading as I listen to Greg shouting at the TV. Lol

Kellan said...

I love the jersey one - HA!

I do not like to watch football.

Take care- Kellan

Jenn said...

G's into the all-day football-a-thon, too. Me? I can only spend a whole day with football if I'm there tailgating.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Football is near a religion around here....and to be entire house is decorated with memorablia in different places. We are huge fans of our favorite college team (LSU) and the amount team clothing we have is RIDICULOUS!

EVERYTHING must be LSU...from the plates and napkins to the serving trays!

Jojo said...

I don't like football...i just can't get into it! But I do watch basketball when the play-offs roll around and we love eating chicken wings during the games too!