Tuesday, September 23, 2008

101 things in 1001 Days

In honor of completing 100 posts, I've decided to post the 101 things in 1001 days. I've seen this idea around blog-o-sphere and I am totally in love with it...how awesome would it be to complete this list?!

101 Things in 1001 Days
June 25, 2011
1. Take a train ride
2. Have something published
3. Complete Masters degree
4. Visit New York
5. Travel outside the US
6. Attend BlogHer
7. Have an all girls weekend AWAY
8. Get a certification
9. Visit the Empire State Building
10. Run a Marathon 12/6/08
11. Finish in the top 3 in a race.
12. Run a race with my daughter
13. Do something nice for someone else without reason 12/8/08
14. Take a cruise
15. Dance in the rain
16. Get paid to decorate a cake
17. Go to a parade
18.Pick fresh strawberry's
19. Go Skiing
20. Take a mental health day
21.Go to a Memphis Football game
22. Complete the babie's 1st year photo album
23. Attend a wine tasting
24. Learn to make Tiramisu
25. Take a cooking class
26. Take a strip aerobic class
27. Donate my hair to Locks of Love
28. Grow a garden
29. Go to a concert
30. Go to a midnight movie
31. Participate in Postcrossing
32. Go to a spa with my sister
33. host a holiday at my house for all my family
34. Have a Halloween party 10/25/08
35, Finish the sun room
36. Finish redoing the bathroom
37. Buy a master bedroom suite 11/05/08
38. Buy a new car
39. Switch over to a full keypad phone
40. Buy a designer suit
41. Dress up for a Halloween party 10/25/08
42. Catch up with an old friend
43. Go fishing
44. Take a scrapbooking class
45. Go camping
46. Pay off all my credit cards
47. Eat ice cream in the park
48. Watch the fireworks from the beach
49. Lay under the stars with the Hubby
50. Buy a designer handbag
51. Buy a pair of Manolo Blahnik
52. Decorate a gingerbread house with my daughters
53. Play in the fall leaves
54. Have a snowball fight
55. Build a sand Castle
56. Build a snowman
57. Win over 500 dollars at the casino
58. Have an adventure with the hubby
59. Watch the sun rise
60. Get to my goal weight
61. Start a saving for each of my girls
62. Renew Passport
63. Create a photo video montage of the baby
64. Have a professional hair makeover
65. Meet a bloggy friend in real life
66. Go back to Disney World
67. Take a dance class
68. Take a trip to Las Vegas
69. Stay in a Cabin in the Mountains
70. Have my teeth professionally whitened
71. Have a garage sell 10/11/08
72. Update my will
73. Read a classic book
74. Have lasik surgary
75. Make a fresh flower arrangement for a friend
76. Send a "Thinking of You" note to someone
77. Go on a picnic
78. Find a job in alignment with what I want to do
79. Determine career path
80. See a stand up comedian
81. Go one week without drinking soda
82. Go one week without swearing
83. See Niagria Falls
84. Attend a rooftop party
85. Update my resume
86. Go to a drive in movie
87. Play laser tag
88. Start a 401K
89. Write the hub a Love letter
90. Attend the Navy Ball 10/4/08
91. Have a dress made just for me
92. Play the Lotto for BIG money
93. Pick a child in the Christmas Angel program
94. Make Smores while camping
95. Drink 8 glasses of water in one day
96. Read the Harry Potter Series to my daughter
97. Blog about each of my items
98. Run a half marathon in less than 3 hours
99. Watch a classic movie
100. Pick Apples 9/28/08
101. Celebrate the completion of this list with dinner out


zandria said...

YAY for making your own 101 Things list! I'm always so excited (obviously) when I see other people do this. I hold myself accountable to finishing by posting an update at the end of every month...just a thought, if you need any extra motivation. :)

Jojo said...

I'm sorry I'm late for this...what a wonderful list! Congrats on the 100 - I can relate to many things on your list, like lasik surgery, mental health day, spa, BlogHer where you can hit 2 birds with 1 stone and attend WHILE meeting me, the bloggy friend!