Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Have you ever taken a look around you and realized that maybe, just maybe you're not the most up to date, hip, modernized person you thought you were?

Ok, maybe you haven't, but I have. As a matter of fact...I am.

I don't consider myself a materialistic person, I have never really played the 'keep up with the Jones' role but I have always kind of thought of myself as fairly up to date with everything around me. See, I don't feel like I should run out and buy a new car just because mine is a year old and Tom and Sue just bought the brand new '09 blah blah. I never really felt I should stock my house with the latest and greatest stuff because So and so just bought the thingamajig, but for a short bit I have stopped to think maybe there is something wrong with me because - frankly...I just don't care about these things.

It's not that I'm not materialistic, but it is so much more that I am ANTI-materialistic. Take for example my car. I have driven it for 7 years, I've put MANY many miles on it across this country, it's been trashed out thru many years of having kids, but it has 4 wheels and it runs. It's not outwardly beat up, just internally (you can tell I have kids) - there are no mechanical issues with it and overall, I just enjoy having a car, fully paid for that I don't have to worry about. Would I like a new car? Sure Can I afford to get a new car? Of course. Am I going to get a new car? Not any time soon.

Strange? Maybe not.

Example 2: My laptop. It is 3 years old, weighs it weight in gold (no it's not the smallest or lightest thing out there) but it's still an excellent laptop. It has dual core processor, 64 bit operating system, plenty of hard drive and memory and in it's day it cost a pretty penny. Would I like a newer, lighter, sleeker laptop? Sure. Am I going to trade in a perfectly good one? Probably not any time soon.

Do you see a trend forming?

As I analyzed this pattern in my life, I noticed there were plenty of things I have that "do the job" and I don't have issues with them so I don't feel the need to 'change' them for something newer. It's not that I can't, it's just that I don't, but yet I notice so many people around me who are upgrading so many things because "they can" and well because "they want to." What bothers me is the fact that I don't want to. It makes me wonder if perhaps I am missing some crucial element of being a woman?

Funny thing is that if I want something (or the hub and family want/need something) I will go out and get it - rarely though do these types of purchases take place.

Do you care about upgrading your products on a regular basis or do you wait until the inevitable?


April said...

I do NO update often. I can't afford to. LOL

auntie said...

I think it's great that you don't feel the "need" to upgrade your stuff just because you can. You probably feel a lot more free than people who are always scrambling to keep up with everyone else! And I'll bet the reason that you CAN afford to buy the things you really want is because you choose not to waste your money on things that aren't important to you.

A Buns Life said...

Hmmm. I wouldn't say that I am materialistic, but I have nice things. That said, I don't have nice things to keep up with "The Jones's". We have newer cars, but they are paid for. We have NO debt except for our house. We pay cash for everything and save, save, save. The same goes for our children. They do chores around the house and earn 25cents per chore. If they want something big or out of the ordinary they can wait for their birthday or pay for it themselves, even at 4 and 6. Every major purchase (ie big tv, new computer, new furniture etc.) is thought out and discussed to death, and then we save for it and then buy it. Very rarely will there be a impulse buy to upgrade something even though we could just because. I take that back....we just bought new patio furniture because it was 60% off and I liked it. :) Go ahead....call me materialistic.

Aleta said...

I don't update things. I'll buy it if I really think it's necessay. But hey, if it works, keep it. I don't want a car note! My car is a 2003 and runs fine. Greg has to buy a vehicle, because of the accident and the most important thing to me with the vehicles he is researching (can you believe he is already looking at cars - because he's getting cabin fever) - anyway, the most important thing to be about the vehicles he is looking into - SAFETY. It doesn't have to be the latest and greatest, but he is on the road for his work (when he goes back to work) far more than I am and I want to know he has the best safety that we can affor. Otherwise, I would never update my computer unless my brother told me of a really good deal and even then - it's not top of the line. I don't compare myself with the Jones (though I have friends who are VERY much into that)... As long as people around me are happy, I'm happy.


I am totally not one to keep up with the Jones'. I upgrade when I need to, but I like living a simple life. And like you said...when I get something, it's because I/we want it, not because someone else has it.

krissy said...

You are my long lost sister lost at birth. Except much cuter then me. And much sweeter then me. But whatever, the point is....I am the exact same way. I do not like debt. I do not like sending my money to a bank for payments. My car is 7yrs old too. I love my car. It has heated leather seats. It is fast. It is dependable. I love my car and I will not trade that puppy in. And it is paid for.

Can I tell you how many friends of mine are going bankrupt and foreclosing on their huge new homes because they have never been able to afford it but all the cool people were building new homes.

Sisters? I think so.

Kimmylyn said...

I wait until the inevitable with almost everything.. I literally just had to buy a new ipod because my original ipod died.. and by original I mean it was the very first release of the ipod..the thing was a tank... but I would not buy one just to be cool to have a skinny ipod..

krissy said...

And your post on my blog is why I adore you and think that you have the biggest heart ever.

Good Job Kel. You have a very sweet soul.

Hugs friend.

Jojo said...

I have like a list of things I want, but if it's not that imperative I usually just keep them there - on the list. But money is tight and we can't just go and buy whatever we WANT, but we do get the things we need. Keeping up with the Joneses will get you broke not better.