Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spiders - Oh My!

There are many days where little Miss follows DQ around the house or (more often) DQ drags Little Miss from one room to another so she can 'play' with her. Sunday was no different - the girls are busy moving from room to room and the hub and I are putting up the laundry, they are chitter chattering away when out of the blue we here this....

DQ - "OMG, there's a spider!"

Little Miss is crawling around DQ's room. (and yes, DQ has taken to calling her sister 'girl' like that is her name)

DQ - "Girl, there's a spider... I don't like spiders, oh, someone needs to kill it."

I'm about right across the hall and think I should probably go check this out, if Little Miss gets to it she will probably try and eat it...it's probably outside the window so I'll just hang up this shirt before I go in there. (insert bad parenting skills here)

DQ - "Oh, get it girl...I don't like it...Kill it - Kill the spider girl!"

It's about this time that I think yeah, I should probably go check the situation out, so I walk the 15 feet or so to DQ's room where I find her crouched in a corner and Little Miss looking at her like she's lost her mind, do a quick scan of the room (thinking for sure I will spot the spider and say -

Me - "Where is the spider? I don't see a spider."

DQ - "Yeah mom, it's right there!" pointing frantically at her bedspread.

Me - "Um, where I don't see it."

DQ - inches ever so close and says "See, mom...RIGHT THERE!"

Oh, I can see this tiny spec of something no bigger than this period . - that's a spider?

I smush it and go back to my room to resume putting up the laundry. As I walk in the hub says to me -

Hub - "Good thing Little Miss was in there to save DQ - she's only 9 months old and already has mastered the art of trapping and killing spiders by eating them!"

What's the worst thing you can remember getting your siblings to do? Do your children do this to their siblings?


the cubicle's backporch said...

My cat eats flies, but I think she shies away from spiders.

My friends and I used to do 'fun houses' for my siblings. (Which usually ahd booths where you could win tickets and after that win prizes) Well, we decided to do a 'haunted house' type thing in our barn and throw NAILS at them. Yes, NAILS. That were like 3 inches long. We did put kleenex over the pointy end, but that didn't stop dad from yelling at us. hee hee.

mommaof4wife2r said...

no way...that's what i have to say...no way! stinker poo! ok, i'm the oldest so i can so totally relate to getting younger ones to do the ornry stuff. i once made a kid pee in a cup to join a club. now that i think about it, it's not like we watched...i think maybe he was smarter than us! sooooo stupid

OHmommy said...


I love listening in on my kids conversations. Too cute.

Aleta said...

Never see a live pest in my home. Tigger (Siamese) isn't very playful, but he loves to attack bugs (lucky me).

Hmm, the worst thing I remember doing as a child. My brother and I used to get in trouble every day for the longest. We were the typical siblings always bickering. One time he got me really upset, we were home alone. I ran to the phone to call Dad. My brother, knowing he would get in trouble, tried to stop me from calling. I twisted around to get away from him, phone in hand and his head happened to go smack into the phone! He has a dent in his forehead (didn't need stitches) that to this day he will tell people about!

auntie said...

uh...all i can focus on is the picture of that huge spider you posted!! how could you do that to me?? now i will be seeing creepy-crawlies all day long, everywhere i go.

perhaps a mid-day drink will take care of that! ;)

La Petite Chic said...

The whole calling her 'girl' thing had me cracking up...that is adorable!

krissy said...

My dog eats anything that moves and is smaller then her. It is funny.


Thank you for being there for me. I just love you.

Kimmylyn said...

I literally did not even look at the picture you posted.. i closed my eyes like the big baby I am.. anything with spiders freaks me out!! haha

Jojo said...

Oh I hate bugs, anything little, crawling eeww!!!! I love how DQ calls her girl..LOL. I think I would have a heart attack if LC ate a spider, god I can't even think about it