Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Alone at last...

Not that long ago I posted about trying to be alone - without much success. Recently though I did find myself alone, not entirely, but pretty close.

You see, the hub headed back home to visit with his family for a few days and I stayed here with DQ. Little Miss took a the trip with her daddy because she isn't required to attend school like DQ and well, dad thought it would be nice to let mom have a break. (Isn't he sweet?!) So DQ and I were left alone to our own devices.

At first I was super excited - I wouldn't have to cook for ANYBODY. Yippy. I could clean the house and it would pretty much stay that way! Double Yippy. I could watch whatever I wanted to on TV and not have to share - can you say YIPPY! It was going to be the next best thing to a vacation alone I could get.

Day 1:
Morning -
  1. Get dressed for work (not have to be quiet for sleeping hubby),
  2. Let DQ eat lunch at school (don't have to make lunch) -
  3. And since I have extra time by not having to make lunch I am now going to splurge and stop by Starbucks for coffee and hot cocoa.

Afternoon -
  1. Pick up DQ (don't have to hurry because Little Miss isn't there),
  2. Workout at the Y (no babies or hubby to juggle),
  3. Eat frozen TV dinner (because I don't have to cook and we can)
  4. Watch all MY TiVo shows (because I can)

Day 2:
Morning -
  1. No being quiet,
  2. No lunch making for DQ,
  3. Starbucks

Afternoon -
  1. No Rush,
  2. Workout Y,
  3. Frozen TV Dinner,
  4. My TiVo programming

Day 3:
Morning -
  1. Kind of boring not annoying the hubby with my morning routine,
  2. Could get used to this no lunch making thing,
  3. Could I really drink this starbucks stuff all the time?

Afternoon -
  1. Bored not rushing around with the kiddos,
  2. Y has lost it's appeal as an escape from the kiddos when I run now that I can bring them with me,
  3. Is it wrong when your child asks for a frozen TV dinner when given a take out choice?
  4. Watched all TiVo programming - all that's left is hubby's

Day 4:
Morning -
  1. I'm ready for the hubby to be home, this is no fun any more
Afternoon -
  1. Let the countdown begin..

Day 5:
  1. Hubby and Little Miss on their way home - Yippy!

They arrived and the house was no longer clean, the grouchiness from being woken up at o'dark thirty was in full force, and the daily rush from here to there all came back, but it sure is nice to have them home again. Just a few more day's and I'll be ready to plan my next vacation! :)

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Kimmylyn said...

Isn't it funny how that happens? You described the exact reason I made my husband come home a day early on vacation.. I missed the little ones and the maddness. And then once I was home, I thought to myself.. um.. when can I go on vacation again.. lol

the cubicle's backporch said...

This happens like every week with me! Minus the kids and put in the pets. The first day I'm gone, I'm like "Yeah, it's nice being able to just watch TV with nothing to do." By Day 2, I'm ready to be home and have something to do.

mommaof4wife2r said...

ok, seriously, i am living vicariously through you and this post right now. i want to go to starbucks alone. aaahhhh...the dream lives on.

A Buns Life said...

It's heavenly in the beginning...and then you begin to miss them and remember why you married and had kids in the first place and then 10 minutes after they get home it was like they were never gone......

Jenn said...

I love being alone...I don't understand Starbucks--I've never been excited by their coffee...I LOVE Dunkin Donuts, though. ALas, I have given up coffee.

Kellan said...

It's so true - you can't wait for time alone and then ... you can't wait for them to come back home - Ha!

Have a good evening -Kellan

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I feel the same way! Sometimes I feel like I am trapped...but then God reminds me how blessed I am....and I realize I could not live without them!

Glad you got your family back!

GoteeMan said...

I appreciate the quiet times and alone times, but really enjoy the times when K feels up to hanging out together...

J/ (Goteeman.blogspot.com)