Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Madness - Thing I Never Realized

1. Just how much an OLD bed has lived past its shelf life.
Yes, the hub and I finally after much searching and debating, finally replaced our is just like sleeping on a cloud now.

2. Just how happy a decorated room makes me.
Since we hadn't replaced our bed we had not decided on any colors for our bedroom which means for quite a while we've been sleeping in a blank canvas...I finally purchased the one I wanted and yes, it makes me happy to see to get it all painted.

3. Cooking is much more time consuming than I ever gave it credit.
I'm not talking 30 minute meals. but I wanted some Tamales a few weeks ago...I set about the task of making them and 2 days later I had 6 dozen. Oh-My-God...seriously they were yummy, but WOW, I will never take them forgranted again!!!

4. Just how many people will wait for a 'prime' parking space at the mall.
Me and both kiddos headed to the mall on Sunday when it opened and got a spot up front, right by the doors. After our few hours of shopping we headed back to the car and there were 5 cars that waited for my parking space. I have to admit - It did take me a while to get the bags in the trunk, the baby in the car seat and the stroller in my trunk...I felt bad for the people who kept circling waiting...waiting....waiting....for me to be done. Oh well - I tried to hurry, just wait until christmas! :)

5. Just how crazy men really are.
The hub and some friends decided to play paintball and the 'memo' I got was he had a game at noon. Little did I understand the game was all day. I mistook that statement for a few hours thinking he'd be home at 3 or, make that 6 hours of playing, only to come home COVERED in red welps from head to toe. Personally, I don't think being shot by little pellets for 6 hours is fun, I'd have stopped after 2 hours.

Is there something you just realized lately?


the cubicle's backporch said...

Cooking is WAY too time consuming.

Mr. C and I have been talking about getting a new bedroom suite. But that's a big chunk of change when you throw in a new mattress. (Which we DESPERATELY need)

People waiting for parking spots drives me crazy. They're like vultures. It's why I hate shopping during the 'prime times'. I like to take a day off of work and go during the day. But I do love to shop the day after Thanksgiving!

mommaof4wife2r said...

the parking space thing cracks me up! i have 4 kids and i will watch a single lady wait to cut me off to get a closer spot...kills me. anyway, i think it's kinda funny to play them a little, so i just have fun. :)

jupitersinclair said...

I do the once a month cooking thing, which is supposed to mean you only cook once a month but somehow I end up doing it anyway.