Friday, December 12, 2008

Fractional Friday

Yay for Friday! I'm so stinkin' happy its Friday, I will probably dance a jig all weekend long! :)

1. We finally got our Christmas tree yesterday (I know, way behind the power curve) AND I crawled up in the attic and got all the Christmas decorations sooooo...hopefully tonight we can decorate the tree and finish decorating the house...oh boy I just LOVE Christmas!

2. Christmas gifts have been bought, now I need to get them wrapped and given. I did a really good job this year of staying within the budget and I got most of my shopping done prior to Thanksgiving, but there have been a few little things that have come up between then and now...Problem is that I am HORRIBLE at getting stuff to the post office. Hopefully everybody's stuff will make it there on time.

3. Christmas cards were purchased and shipped 2 weeks we are half way into December and I still don't have them addressed. Once again, it's this love/hate relationship with the post office that has me going crazy. I don't mind getting it all done, I just hate the long lines at the post office (and yes, I need stamps)...ugh!

4. Time is running out - I have a training class scheduled for next week (8hrs a day), I've got a regular school class coming to an end which requires a final paper that I've got to get finished and family holiday time starts next week - seriously where did the time go this year??

How are YOUR weekend plans shaping up?
Only 13 more days till Christmas!


Aleta said...

13 more days? You know, that's scary looking. Because it reminds me that it's only 22 days to my wedding! Yikes!

Let's see - all gifts are bought. Greg gets his big gift tomorrow, because it has to be delivered and put together. :( But he has another gift on order. All gifts are wrapped.

But like you... those darn Christmas cards!!! I have 'em. I need to address them and get them out.

Hope you have a great weekend!

auntie said...

I haven't done anything yet - no tree, no decorations, no shopping. I try not to think about it very often so I don't panic!! Actually, I did buy some fabric for a bag I'm making for my niece, so I guess one tiny check mark on the list is better than none at all!

Kimmylyn said...

Now it is 12 days.. and I am dying..I am not done with wrapping done..but the tree is up and Captain Rex is on his way...

You are an amazing person Kel..thank you.

Anonymous said...

hmm. tree is up here. decorations are up. half the gifts are bought. some are wrapped. sigh. i cannot believe it's christmas time already.

mommaof4wife2r said... did 13 days get so close? and now since i'm here late, it's not even 13 any more! so, what is ur gift for little peanut?

DysFUNctional Mom said...

We got our Christmas tree a week and a half ago, but when we got out the Christmas stuff...we had no lights! It took us another week to get lights. We just got it all decorated yesterday! lol