Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Madness - Blogging

In the world of social Media, Blogging, Twittering, Facebook(ing), Plurk(ing), Stumbl(ing) are what we do. These are great things ... for those of us who do it, however if you are still living in a cave and are not sure what it is all about, then talking to an 'addict' can be a bit strange.

Here's why:

1. You know what the word "FODDER" means and can correctly use it in a sentence, more than once a day. (as in blog fodder)

2. Activities in your house are determined based on 'blog-worthiness.'

3. When having a conversation with a non-blogger, you ask them if you can use 'their story' because it would be REALLY FUNNY.

4. You now speak in 140 character (or less) sentences.

5. You inadvertently find yourself using "Txt speak" when writing non-text related items (and your not 16). "OMG-LOL-Srsly?-Oh Mah Holy Hell..."

6.You look at your husband and say with all seriousness "The Elf Restroom was funny, but I've already used that one...can you come up with something original AND funny... I need something new for NEXT WEEK!"

7. Your kids have no idea just how much blackmail you are going to have on them when they are 16.

8. You compose blogs and tweets in your sleep.

9. You find yourself checking your crackberry/iPhone/Computer every time you pass it to see if there has been any new updates in the last 5 minutes.

10. You've never met them, but you feel like you know your 'friends' better than some of your 'in real life' friends.

If you can answer yes to more than 2 of the above, you might just be addicted to Social Media. (I am)

Are you an addict?


the cubicle's backporch said...

OH man... after I had been blogging for a couple of months, I remember thinking to myself "I need to tell Mr. C to clean that out." And I called him "Mr. C" in my head instead of his first name. Weird!

OHmommy said...

Interesting Kel. I never thought about all the black mail I have on the kids. LOL!

tootie said...

So true!

My husband has gotten used to it. When something funny/interesting happens, he now asks, "Is this going on the blog?" :)

krissy said...

Haha. Totally true except I do not know the blog language. I just figured out how to add a youtube video for crimeny out loud.

And for your info. I would totally hit on you. *note. This is a inside joke people. Don't jump to conclusions. End Note.*

mommaof4wife2r said...

love it kel! so stinking funny! and i was totally dreaming about flying donuts last night and wondering this morn how to blog about it!

Kori said...

I might have the beginnings of a problem....but I hate the text speak. Hate it. Abhor it.

Kim said...

Oh I write blog posts right before I am going to fall asleep all the time.. only to wake up and forget it.. hahaha

A Buns Life said...

I don't do the text speak, but I totally think of post ideas for some reason while I am in the shower where I can't write anything down. I lose so many ideas that way.....

Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely addicted, and I don't care!


Anonymous said...

but no text speak for me either ;)

auntie said...

yes, i'm an addict. and yes, i've been known to take my laptop into the bathroom with me. wait...was that too much information? oh well, too late now. i guess that's part of being an addict, huh?

great post!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I'm so addicted, and I don't wanna break the habit!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

love this - how did I miss this one!
I am addicted - I know this. But, I don't twitter or text at all. My husband told me the other day - oh, just ext me - The look on my face - and he was like, oh yeah - you don't know how!!! Laughing - so funny, but I had the phone company cancel any texting from my phone it was so annoying to me!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Uh...I cannot tell a lie. Yes I'm an addict. ;)