Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Madness - Girls Nite Out

Things NOT to do when planning a Nite Out with Girls:

1. PLAN - Plan each minute and send out detailed emails letting everyone know what the evening will include, because who doesn't like to know that at 8pm they will be picked up, there will be 1.5 hrs allotted for dinner, then off to the event(ie movie/comedy/video arcade) for 2 hrs, then off to the club for a late night drink or two.

2. CARE - Ask everyone what night is best for them and plan the evening around them, despite the fact that YOU are the one who wants/needs the night out.

3. DRIVE - The evening will include drinking therefore, one must be sober so everyone gets home safely. Request the evening, Plan the evening and then Drive everyone for the evening too. Completely ensuring you have minimal fun.

4. BUY AHEAD - If your evening plans consist of anything that requires tickets, buy them ahead of time so that you can skip long lines or guarantee you can get in if it is sold out. Don't worry, someone will 'forget their money' and have to get you 'next time.'

5. ENERGY - Since drinking will not be allowed for the DD (i.e. you) start earlier than everyone else with some energy drinks like Red Bull or Monster or even an Espresso shot or two. You will be wide awake, wired and ready for a night on the town. If the police happen to pull you over for your sporadic driving, calmly explain "No, officer, I have not been drinking anything except for Red Bull and Espresso and I find it difficult to focus on just two lines. Do you blame me for drinking like this when I have these (point to drunken females around you) people for friends?" You should get off with no more than a warning.

What lessons have you learned from a night out with Friends?


Kori said...

love your lessons learned, ha ha. I don't do girls nite out, ever, and THAT was the one BIG lesson I learned!

mommaof4wife2r said...

i love that you have the red bull for the funny!!

Anonymous said...


or you can just have "Girls night in" which is what we do. although, i dunno how we would do that, once we all have children. hmmm. something to think about!

happy monday!

A Buns Life said...

Girls night in, with the kids spending the night at my aunt's and Dave gone somewhere....anywhere. I don't mind cleaning the house because I can get drunk, I don't have to drive anywhere and I get all the left-over food! :)

♥spoiled mommy♥ said...

Very cute!
I love girls night out, they alwasy start out like crap but end up be so worth it all in the end.