Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Madness - Headlines

I do not watch the news on tv - it turns me into a nerve wracking crazy woman. I will listen to radio news, but it is not often. I am addicted to the internet news. I know this sounds crazy, but I can read the headlines and then pick and choose what stories I want to read, so in a way, I am current on selective news. (Not entirely true, because I read most internet news) Anyhow, it is me or has anyone else noticed the crazy headlines popping up in the news front? Hence todays Monday Madness - Headlines

1. 11 Kids left at Nebraska hospital in 24 hrs
I read all about the child safe haven law and it's 'oversight' on the age thing prior to all of this happening, but seriously? These are not babies, these are teenage children - do you really think they will not have opinions of their own, come back to find the parents, or be scarred for life? There has got to be a better option than just 'walking away' from your kids.

2. Police say teen ploted to kill mom for "breast implants."
Come on now, BOOBS?! Plan: Kill mom, sell car, take cash from bank account and buy fake boobs for girlfriend....does anyone see a flaw in this plan?? What happens when the girlfriend dumps you after she has her new found assetts?

What's the stranges thing on the news you've seen lately?


pixie4bears said...

The teen wanting to kill the mom is crazy!! Kids these days!
The crazy thing I have heard is a restaurant in Switzerland want to start a menu using breastmilk. He put an add in the paper asking for women to donate some breastmilk. Once the government read this, they quickly stopped him. He said his wife had a lot of left over breastmilk so he used it in recipes at home and found it gave the food a totally different unique flavor. He thought, why not add this into his restaurant to give his food something different from the rest.

Aleta said...

Greg is the one who keeps me up to date on the news. I don't listening to it on TV, other than the weather info (during hurricane season). He listens to the radio and told me about the teen wanting to kill the mom. You have to wonder about the mental health of kids these days!

Oh, I did read something about ice cream makers using breast milk. Yeah, like that idea would go over well???

the cubicle's backporch said...

In Indianapolis, a guy killed a child molestor who had broken into his home and came after his 17-year old daughter. The guy was wearing nothing but like latex gloves and a mask. Gross. I guess the dad had the child molestor in a head lock when the police got there, and the CM died, they think from a heart attack or something.

They said charges won't be pressed against the dad. Thank heavens!

La Petite Chic said...

I read about the breast implants story today and I almost couldn't believe it. People are sick.

Kellan said...

Those are CRAZY stories! I don't read the newspaper - I do watch the TV news.

Have a good evening - Kellan

Anonymous said...

wow...that's crazy!! of the blogs I read had a post about that Switzerland breastmilk thing.I'm a huge lactivist but um I gotta say no that . I've donated breastmilk to sick babies who couldn't nurse and THAT I feel comfortable on. Being on a menu is entirely another matter. Ew.

krissy said...

Good Lawd! What the "H" is wrong with the human race?! Killing your mom for boobs is disturbing. Those men can not give up the boob can they? Geesh.

I cannot think of something weird in the news. We have a shit hole mom that killed her infant baby. I feel like kicking her ass.