Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Interview By Zandria

The other day over at Keep Up With Me, Zandria did a interview where she answers questions about herself by being interviewed by someone else. I've seen a few of these going around the Internet so I thought it would be interesting to participate. Lucky for me...I was one of the 1st 5 people to respond and so I get to be 'interviewed' by Zandria. I should have known when I asked to be interviewed, that this would be no walk in the park. Seriously have you read any of this girls posts? She is anything but dull and regularly challenges herself to new things (go check her out, she is always involved in something interesting), but alas I must have had amnesia on that day and now I'm left to find the answers to my own 'interview' questions. I will try to live up to your standard Zan, but I fear I am probably more boring than I seem. :)

1) You're doing the Special K Challenge. What’s the hardest part? What are your biggest temptations? (For me, it would be eating only three meals a day…I hope you’re allowed more than one serving of cereal for breakfast and lunch!)
The hardest part about the Special K challenge is the food choices. It is cereal & cereal bars for meals, cereal snack bars & fruit/veggies for snacks and water/special K water for drinks. With one regular meal in the mix (any meal of the day.) I can usually eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast, sneak in a regular lunch, but cereal for, not my first choice. I like variety so I have 4 different boxes of cereal with 5 different types of snack bars and I fill in a lot with fruit & veggies so I don't have to eat so much cereal snacks.

As for my biggest temptations, that is easy - the lack of caffeinated beverages. I admit it, I am a coke/diet coke/Dr.Pepper addict. I try to limit myself to 1 a day, but don't always succeed. I get to drink flavored water, but I still find myself taking a sip of my favorite beverage every now and again (yes, I steal sips from hubby's glass, so shoot me!)

2) Your New Years resolution was to "find and follow" your passion. You said you want to "stop putting myself second and start focusing on doing something that makes me happy." What steps have you taken so far, or are you planning to take?

Part of find/follow my passion involves getting more involved in social media. I knew before 2009 began that there were going to be career changes coming my way and that would allow some flexibility in how I pursued my passion. In an effort to become more involved, I have signed up for BlogHer 09, I am getting more involved with the Memphis Social Media group and I am now a contributing writer at Blissfully Blended. Oddly enough, I am also starting a more social aspect to my job, that may not be what I had originally planned, but certainly is on the path to many more opportunities in the future.

3) If you got pregnant again and you could choose the sex and physical appearance of your unborn child, would you do it? Why or why not?
If I got pregnant again, I'd hunt down my last Dr. and shoot him - :) In all seriousness, with Little Miss, I decided to have my tubes tied and even now, as much as I love my children I am terrified at the thought of any more. If however, I could choose the sex and appearance I don't think I would. I've read some of the medical publications on 'custom' genetically altered children and while part of that idea is super appealing (I want super fast runner child to take after daddy) but its also kind of scary to think the child couldn't grow up to be who they wanted. Looking at my children, I love noticing they have my eyes and his chin, my smile and his legs. Watching them change and develop and grow it an amazing process. I can't imagine already having the answers. Although, knowing they were going to have an easy going, laid back temperament instead of my up tight, list making, retentive one would be nice.

4) You’re riding an elevator up to the 27th floor of a building when it suddenly stops. You call for assistance and the person who answers says it will take several hours before someone can come to your rescue. How would you react?
I'd like to think I'd be calm, but I have a sneaky suspicion that I'd probably not be all "It's ok, they'll get to us when they can" kind of attitude. I'd probably be more assertive and want to know why it will take so long, what the suspected problem is, who is being notified and 'can I have their number to call them myself?' I am not a patient person, but then again, if I could be trapped with sexy Brad Pitt or Britney Spears I think I could find ways to A. lure them into some hot 'this thing could plummet to the ground at any second' nookie or B. convince them to be my new BFF! :) (come on now, who wouldn't want to be ravished like the scene in thelma and louise?)
5) Twofold: What do you like best about your physical appearance? What do you like best about yourself that isn’t visible from the outside?
Growing up I HATED my eyes because they were so dark compared to the rest of me (fair skinned and blond hair,) but now I think they are one of my better physical traits. As far as what isn't visible, this is probably a 'whats on the inside that counts' kind of question, but as far as non-visible to the outside I'd have to say I like best about me ... my tattoo. I think it represents my personality in more ways than I could have imagined at the time I got it (12 years ago) so, yeah, not visible but definitely what I like best about me.

Ok, So the rules are as follows
1. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions. Be sure to link back to the original post.
2. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
3. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
So the first 5 people who want to be interviewed leave me a comment saying "Interview Me" and I'll send you your very own 5 questions.

Also I'd love to know if there is anything YOU want to know. Ask away - my 200th post is just around the corner and I'm fair game to pretty much any question.
What do YOU want to know?


Anonymous said...

i really loved this. i have learned a lot about you over the course of the past few months, and i'm so glad that i know you. you're going to blogher?


I am going to try my hardest to go. I hope I can. I think it will be SO FUN!

I also really loved your answer about your physical features. (And I would SHIT MY PANTS if I was trapped in an elevator! ha ha ha)

umm, can i say shit in here?

mommaof4wife2r said...

ok, i'm sorry, kel...


i have 4 kids...ok, i'm taking a deep breath and realizing that i def can't do the special k challenge! but i still love you!

zandria said...

Kel! You shouldn't sell yourself short (what you said about your answers possibly being dull...whatever!). I enjoyed reading your responses.

I think it's awesome that you're getting more involved in social media. I haven't decided for 100% sure if I'm going to BlogHer again this summer, but if I do, I look forward to meeting you!

Very interesting about the Special K thing. I can see how it might get old after a while...but then again, I tend to eat a lot of the same things, so maybe for someone like me it wouldn't be so bad. :)

Again...great answers! Thanks for participating. :)

(I'm really loving these questions I've been getting, so if you want to ask ME five questions, please do! However, if other people want to participate, feel free to skip me to let someone else give it a try.) :)

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

wow - those were pretty deep questions!! love all your answers!!

and I don't drink soda or coffee - nothing with caffeine - EVER - I stopped YEARS ago - it's easier than you think!! that diet although - I know I could never do it - I hate cereal!! and cereal bars even more!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I had to go back to drinking caffeine after quitting for several was hazardous to my health! I was falling asleep driving home after my night shifts. Not cool!

the cubicle's backporch said...

I always do the 'take a sip from the partners' cup thing. B/c those calories (and caffeine!) don't count, right?